Star Ocean 5 Developers On The Protagonist’s Age And Possible Love Interest

Star Ocean 5 brings back several themes from the series, such as intergalactic spaceships and a magical 15th to 16th century-based planet; however, the upcoming title may be a little different when it comes to the main character and his relationship with the heroine.

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RpgSama1392d ago

It sounds really good to have a not teen JRPG lead with a 23 years old Protagonist, hope his personality reflects that.

This generation could really become a second coming for JRPGS, love the genre.

elninels1392d ago

I agree. I hope this game is great as I enjoy the star ocean series. I've always enjoyed the sci-fi jrpgs in terms of visual style and how cool the weapons can be. I wouls love to see something like valkyria chronicles or a resonance game with a sci-fi space feel to it.

JAMurida1392d ago

Kinda off topic a bit, but I wish that in general that more Anime would adapt to having the main cast be of the 23+ aged range instead of the typical story revolving around 15/16 year old, second year high school character.

Like, I get the whole appealing to your audience and all, but me personally, I feel that I take the stories a little bit more serious when it's an adult instead of a teenager.

ibrake4naps1392d ago

I like when games include romance