PlayStation Network grabbing bulk of publishers' ad dollars

The rise of consoles' digital storefronts has led to more ads and promotions

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MasterCornholio1399d ago

I'm not surprised especially with how well the system is doing.

nicksetzer11399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

It's weird, last gen everyone cried to the heavens about ads on 360 because you paid for XBL. Now it's a bragging point for PS4?

MS stated a short while back that they were cutting down ad placements, due to all the whining, so this isn't really a surprise to see.

Genuine-User1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

That's because Microsoft placed adds on the dashboard.
Sony advertises in the PSN store and the 'what's new' area.

PhoenixUp1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

They didn't complain about ads in general, they complained that too many ads littered the dashboard UI. Sony kept ads confined to the What's New tab and PS Store

Transistor1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Sony wants to advertise games, Microsoft want to advertise things like pizza.

There is a big difference.

nicksetzer11399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

@geniune that's strange, guess my PS4 is the only one with ads every 2-4 items in the news feed then ... I've had everything from games to apps to movies and music In my news feed.


sparta761399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

@nick news feed tap!? Or what's new tap? Plus that link is from 2013 some sort of advertising ad. Don't you you have a ps4, cause if you did you would see the big difference between how sony is doing it and how Microsoft is doing it.

You edited your comment

All those examples you are giving is from one tap. When you are any where else there are no ad's

GameSpawn1399d ago


You realize that is the PS4 equivalent of the PS3's "What's New"?

I rarely if EVER look through that section. What is important is that in the MAIN area of the XMB/Dashboard is that there are little to no ads on the PS3 and PS4 (games on the PS4 have a two image limited space on the info page for announcements and links to DLC in the store, but this content is related to the game).

The Xbox on the other hand has received a lot of criticism over the use of ads DIRECTLY in the dashboard rather than down a level into any one section of the dashboard. This is obtrusive and pushes things you will use such as other games, apps, or the settings an extra few icons away (sometimes off screen).

johndoe112111399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


1: The first picture you showed is from the demo ps4 interface screen before the system was even released.

2: Neither the second or third pictures show advertisements outside of the gaming atmosphere. it is 100% acceptable if ads are about games or game deals and not about pizza, mountain dew or speedstick for men. The moneyback ad in the second picture is from sony themselves.

3: Those things are placed under the "what's new" tab and could never be seen if you just bypass that tab.

4: PS4 ads are currently placed in the psn store section and they have there own tabs.

5: Your arguments makes me question whether you even truly own a ps4. No one who really owns a ps4 can be that clueless about ads.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

He probably doesn't own a PS4. Alot of xbox fanboys claim to own both even when they don't. It's an odd thing from them. And kind of sad.

I mean here we are in playstation article and the first thing he can do is bring Microsoft into the conversation. And even then he doesn't seem to understand what the differences are and why ms were criticized. How insecure can you be?

It's the old Sony Too argument. Except the 2 publishers use of ads are night and day. MS deserved the criticism.

@nick below.

Huh. Who is bragging here. Who is bashing? Are you seeing things?

Yours is literally the second comment underneath MasterC. All he did was make a simple statement about the article? Or are you claiming the article is bragging?

Again it's just an article talking about facts and figures. Haha. You don't of equal judgement of each console. Everyone knows you are an ms fanboy. You simply came in to this article start a fight where there wasn't one. Well done. Mission accomplished

You should mellow dude. The paranoia and insecurity is affecting the way you think. Why are MS fanboys so insecure?

nicksetzer11399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

You guys have some very specific exceptions for what ads are ok and which are not. Strangely they have changed even within the span of a few comments. First ads were ok if not on the home screen, then I show pictures of ads on the home screen and they suddenly don't count?

The reality is you guys whined about the same ads on the home page as Sony now has. Yet now you guys are bragging about having ads instead of complaining. You can claim whatever microscopic exceptions you want, but you aren't being any less hypocritical. An ad on the primary screen of the ui is an ad on the primary screen, if you prefer a certain console nothing changes that fact. There are ads with movies, tv, music, games, apps (spotify) every day on the "what's new" section (which is supposed to be a news feed) on the primary screen every day, just as MS had on slot for ads on xb360 and still do on XB1.

The ads bother me on neither console, but I certainly don't go out of my way to bash one company for having ads, rhen brag aboit how great revenue from ads of the same kind are....

I love how you guys are so delusional that just because I don't blindly praise Sony means I "don't own a PS4. Not only do I own a PS4 I have an xb1 and wii u too. Where as you guys likely don't own the competition, yet you guys complain AND accuse me of not owning a PS4. Sad when your whole argument hinges on the hope that I don't own a console.

So now that you have proof, what is the reason I have consistent and equal judgement of each console? I find ads to be neglible on both consoles before this and still do. You guys should explain how you only own a PS4 but complain about xbox ads, but praise PS4 ads of the same kind.

johndoe112111399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

NO, it is not the bloody same thing. If I buy a gaming system then it is perfectly fine for me to see an ad showing me the next Uncharted or God of War game. Or showing me a deal where I can go to the psn store and get $20 off a purchase of bloodborne. I DO NOT want to see an ad telling me that I may have smelly armpits and advising me to buy a particular type of deodorant.

It is not on the main UI. You have to go into the "What's New" tab to see the ads you are talking about. On the xbox it's there right in front of your face the moment you boot up the bloody console. How is that even remotely the same? On top of that the ads for the ps4 are now in the psn store area. so now you have to boot up an app in order to see those ads.

There is ZERO logic to your arguments.

"There are ads with movies, tv, music, games, apps (spotify) every day on the "what's new" section"

Every one of those things you mentioned are services that run on the system itself. How in heavens name is that similar to advertising dominos' two for one deal? they are ads for the services you can get on the system. That is expected. Does your xbone bake a pizza for you? If it did then I can assure you that no one would have an issue with a pizza ad.

DanielGearSolid1399d ago

You should read the article nicholas

theFAYEsorceress1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


having MEDIA-related ads in the news feed, which you actually have to hover over in order for it to show, is completely different than having dominos and mountain dew ads right there when you boot up your console lolz like, you actually have to go out of your way to even see "what's new" on your ps3 and ps4.

edit: and the home pages on playstations are completely different than the xbox. i can always avoid seeing anything on the sony news feeds but you sure as hell can't on the xbox~

Aceman181399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Nicky, Nicky, Nicky you've made yourself look a fool posting 3 links that clearly show your looking at the What's New section.

There are no ads of the main dashboard like everyone here has stated. Main ads are confined to PS store, and What's new.

When you scroll over the game tiles themselves you see how many of your friends have played the game you have, recent activity of said game, and the extra content you've bought for that game.

Please just stop it you're making yourself look like a complete and utter troll.

sparta761399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

@ nick
Lol,I fail to see how you can't tell the difference.when I load up my ps4 there are no ads.if I go to what's new or psn store then yes there are ads and guess what? The ads are game related.
Off topic; I can run too my friends house and put a name on his Xbox and say is mine. Just saying.

Yetter1399d ago

get used to it, especially at N4G

gangsta_red1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

What's so funny is...the ads on 360's dashboard were also game related.

And yet most here are still commenting and seem to think the dashboard was cluttered with commercials of Pizza and Mountain Dew all over the place.

But I guess paying for a service and having ads on that paid service is ok as long as it's not on the dashboard right?

I do find it funny how things that were so intensely frowned upon last gen from the competition are now greatly appreciated or accepted because their favorite company is now doing it.

MysticStrummer1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

It's weird that you don't see the difference, nick and gangsta. It's pretty obvious and it has nothing to do with which company is doing it.

gangsta_red1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

It's even weirder Mystic that you can't see how wrong others here are when complaining about the many ads on the 360 dashboard.

What's even funnier is that now people are okay with ads being on a paid service as long as they're not on the dashboard, as if that makes a difference.

This wasn't the case last gen as people complained that there shouldn't be ANY ADS for a service that you pay for.

DigitalRaptor1399d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

@ Nick

Sorry lad, as much as you want to argue your point on this, you were destroyed. The "What's new" section is not even the de facto navigation of the PS4, and it's game related stuff. The PlayStation Store is a place where Sony is supposed to sell you things. Those are the only places you will see them.

You cannot avoid the ads that MS places on their interface at all even with their "cutting down", and many of them are not gaming related, especially on their latest console (the one that was designed with advertisement in mind): http://www.sticktwiddlers.c...

Your overblown argument and sensitive troll rant basically skipped over the logic, in order to focus on calling people delusional for being logical. You actually ignored everybody's points, and tried to shoehorn peoples' actions to fit a comparison that cannot exist due to said logic.

Now, to decide whether your comment is "off topic" or "trolling".

And @ gangsta_red

Why do you constantly have a problem with people using logic to combat a very weak initial argument? Why are you always defending Xbox fans who are making weak points, and always attacking Sony fans who are using pretty solid logic? I know you favour Xbox and I know you ultimately have a problem with people praising Sony and PS4 to the detriment of MS and Xbox, but you can never accept when people are right. Always so disagreeable, even when it makes you obtuse.

You want to come in here, and support a weak argument from a person who was the one who brought Xbox into a PlayStation article in the first place. Who is the problem here? Not the Sony fans with the logic on their side.

@ gangsta_red (response 2)

You want to "win" this argument that you are pointlessly exacerbating so bad to begin with that you quoted half of my comment out of context to try and make it look like you're innocent, which you know you're not. This is what you do.

I made nothing up. You just missed the part where I wrote that you have a problem with people praising Sony "to the detriment of MS and Xbox" (which you do). Did you skip over that tidbit? Very well done, incredible. Very sly, very disingenuous. But very expected of you.

"Every one of those things shown are services that run on the system itself."

1) On PS4, you can choose whether you want to see those ads. On Xbox you cannot unless you close your eyes when your console turns on and then navigate straight to your games with your voice. There is nothing we're missing here, but you are trying to make it appear so.

2) You're lying about the degree to which ads were placed on the 360 dashboard to damage control and misinform to try and ensure your argument is not lost. There were non-game related ads in almost every facet of the Xbox 360 dashboard. The XB1 dashboard was designed with advertising and Kinect in mind so there's no way you can logically damage control this.

3) If you're trying to expose standards or something, try and prove that Sony fans don't complain about things they don't want being on their user interface. I was one of the people complaining when Sony forced Singstar on our XMB on PS3. And that was game-related. There is nothing offensive about the ads that appear in specific places on PS4. There was and still is something offensive about the degree to which advertisements appear on Xbox consoles.

gangsta_red1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


"using logic to combat a"
"attacking Sony fans who are using pretty solid logic?'
"Not the Sony fans with the logic on their side."

Are you some kind of Vulcan or something similar? Where is this logic? Where is this problem I have with people praising Sony?

You so want to put me in the same category that you find yourself in so bad that you are now making things up to try and accomplish this.

"You cannot avoid the ads that MS places on their interface at all even with their "cutting down", and many of them are not gaming related,"

Here is something you and the rest don't seem to be processing or even trying to understand. Everyone of those supposed ads can be found on the Xbox marketplace.

Every one of those things shown are services that run on the system itself.

Just like Johndoe himself said about the PS4 and the many agreed with.

Last gen ads were frowned upon when talking about a paid service. Now it's okay as long as they're not on the main dashboard and placed somewhere else even if that somewhere else is still accessible?

What it ultimately comes down to is most are now okay and are willing to defend ads for a mandatory online paid service that you and others said you would never accept.

MysticStrummer1398d ago

@gangsta - Of course it makes a difference where the ads are. I can't believe you're serious, so you win for getting a response from me. Well played with the stealth thing.

rainslacker1398d ago

Who's bragging? This article just states that PSN is getting the majority of ad dollars...which is stating the obvious given it's sales.

Doesn't mean that ads are being plastered everywhere, just that companies are paying for ad space.

Silly gameAr1398d ago

Just one of many that act neutral on this site to get in good with the good folks who run N4G, and then show their true colors when they feel comfy enough.

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PhoenixUp1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

In the USA last holiday season, PS3 had more digital advertisements from publishers than X1 while PS4 had more than both Xbox consoles combined. That's mighty impressive. Meanwhile Wii U didn't even make the list

Transistor1399d ago

That's not even remotely close.

PhoenixUp1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

According to the chart for ad revenue, PSN accounts for 66% of the total while XBL accounts for 33% of the total. Are they indicating Nintendo Network accounts for the remaining %1 of digital publisher advertisement?

1399d ago
Xof1399d ago

Yeah, so glad Sony is making money. I particularly like how I have to wade through a ****-ton of ads to browse the Store, and have to deal with a similarly dense sea of ads just browsing the PS4's menu.

MysticStrummer1399d ago

"I particularly like how I have to wade through a ****-ton of ads to browse the Store, and have to deal with a similarly dense sea of ads just browsing the PS4's menu."

Either you're being very sarcastic or you're from an alternate universe.

Xof1399d ago

I should have thought the sarcasm was obvious.

MysticStrummer1398d ago

"I should have thought the sarcasm was obvious"

On some sites I guess it would be, but not here. Other people are saying basically the same thing but are actually serious, if you go by their past comments.

Xof1398d ago

Right, but I had all those negative adjectives.

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