The Crew Raid Update Now Available

Ubisoft has announced that The Crew Raid Car Pack and Raid Live Update are now available. The Raid Car Pack, the last of four themed car packs, includes three new cars, official liveries and a set of exclusive cosmetic parts, and accompanies the fourth free live content update for the action-driving MMO.

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Kal0psia1395d ago

Geez, haven't heard much from this game. Does anyone here even play it?!

DawginTow11394d ago

Yup, I do. Game has it's issues, but it does what I hoped it would when I got it: give me a great big map I could just kick back & drive in (1900 sq miles!).

TC's taken a lot of flack, but it's not half as bad, or ugly, as sum folks make it out to be. There r sum really pretty spots in that game's America.

If ur more competitive, PvP type, u might run into a few more issues, so ymmv.

Kal0psia1394d ago

Have you tried driving to where you live? If so how similar is it?

DawginTow11394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Absolutely, as well as places I've visited. NY (home) is surprisingly decent. Not exact, & not GTA 4 calibre, but all in all it's good. Sum cities that aren't so good: Washington DC, Dallas, Salt Lake. LA, San Fran & Chicago...are ok. Never been to Detroit, but heard it's very close (so I guess it is kinda depressing irl :/ )

Hi-lights for me incl. Yosemite, Monument Valley, Miami, Seattle (small, but convincing), Bayou west of New Orleans; snowy Mountain States are good too. It's the entire US of A in a nutshell, so it's almost impossible to not find sumthin that suits ur taste ;)

EDIT: Oh, & I kinda got a kick out of Amish country; gently rolling fields of various crops, old houses & barns, buggies, it's very close to how I remember :D

bokharij1394d ago

I'm still sort of hoping for an offline patch. I've played the beta and enjoyed it but the online only pushes me away(even though I have a fast internet connection and I'm always connected). The map size would feel awesome if it was an offline game, but as it's online only it might as well be streaming the map/game(in a sense).

DawginTow11394d ago

Dude, I'd kill for an offline patch xD There was that stretch around Xmas when lizard squad was pissing everybody off where the game couldn't b played, but other than that it's been ok. Few hrs a month where servers r down for maintenance, but not much more inconvenience.

What I'm hoping is that Ubi @ least provides an offline patch when they decide to end-of-life The Crew's servers, cuz otherwise we'd b stuck w/ a shiny coaster :/

bokharij1394d ago

Yeah true an "end-of-life" patch would be great.

Plagasx1394d ago

Lol forgot about this game.

Servbot411394d ago

Ubisoft still wants $60 for this on PC. What a bunch of jokers.

USMC_POLICE1394d ago

I like it a lot just some car handling issues