Why The Skyrim Mod Charges Are A Terrible Idea In Steam

"Earlier today, Bethesda and Valve made a move to alter the current community modding mechanism in Valves Steam distribution platform. That change has enabled modders to set a charge for their mods if they so choose to. On paper, this seems like a great idea, content creators will be able to release a mod and then make some money off of their creations. Below I talk about why I think that this is a bad decision." - Attack On Gaming

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Rachel_Alucard1397d ago

The modders that have uploaded paid content to the workshop do not realize that it is against the law to require skse to run any of those mods. Also we have instances like this

Note: The user was banned as were many others for exposing this practice.

OokuChicken1396d ago

That's really interesting.

001396d ago

valve and the publisher s get 75% of the profits it serves no purpose other than greed.