Nintendo considering adding Wii MotionPlus to future Wiimotes

At Nintendo's Developer Roundtable conference yesterday, a question was brought up regarding the possibility of combining the newly announced Wii add-on, Wii MotionPlus, to actual Wii controlers in the future. Last night, Shigeru Miyamoto responded and explained that Nintendo is considering integrating Wii MotionPlus with the Wiimote and they are also considering just leaving the add-on as…An add-on.

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ice_prophecy3745d ago

Good. Just label it appropriately.

Else it would be too confusing.

titntin3744d ago

They should. It represents what the controller should have been from the very begining..

kevnb3744d ago

the wii is already a success, but I hope its their last. I imagine many people who bought the wii will never buy a nintendo console again.

titntin3744d ago

but many millions more play games now where they never did.

I can't begrudge them that. Nintendo aren't duty bound to service my particular needs, and though I'm disapointed in what I've got personally from the WII, I also recognise that a lot kids mums and grannies have gotten into games as a result.

I'll probably never buy another Nintendo machine, but I wish them every success and I'm happy the've turned their fortunes around.

bym051d3744d ago

Why not leave it an add-on. Add-ons are historically huge successes.

Right Sega CD, 64DD, or 360 HD-DVD?

Mr_Showtime13744d ago

And they should offer it free to other people who have already bought the Wii, because they have now broken thier market significantly, do developers develop using this new add on or with out it?

they could have a big problem on thier hands

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