5 Positive Traits You Subconsciously Gain While Playing Bloodborne

Despite Bloodborne being a gruesome and nightmarish landscape full of monsters, there are still subconscious positive elements of the game.

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MysticStrummer1395d ago

Bladder control is always a positive

wakeNbake1395d ago

I get really sweaty during boss fights.

redknight801395d ago

Really nice article Ian, I very much enjoyed it!!

KimikoGaming1395d ago

These are not all of the positive traits gained. Also, they apply to all of the Souls games.

I find that before I played through Dark Souls (and actually enjoyed it), I was a bit impatient. I didn't have much self-confidence. I strayed away from most challenges that I came across.

The first time I played Dark Souls, I threw a fit, and I sold the game in a heartbeat. After so many people kept saying how amazing of a game it was and me not believing them, I told myself I would try one more time, and I got far enough to where the game became very enjoyable.

Now, I am much more confident in myself, I embrace challenge because I realize that it is through challenge that we grow the most. I also don't give up after failure. Maybe these have to do with graduating college at the same time and becoming more mature, but it was also after playing Dark Souls that I noticed myself becoming better.

Kowsky1395d ago

Bloodborne is the first game I've played in the series. It's cool that these lessons apply to the previous games as well, but it makes sense. I've heard that despite making enough changes to keep it interesting, From Software really does stick to the core mechanics that fans love.