The winners and losers of E3 2008, part one – the press conferences

The results are in. After an insane few days of news coverage and announcements, the flood's dried to a trickle. E3 2008 may well have been a pivotal year for the show, with some massive highs and tragic lows permeating the platform holder conferences, and an explosion of behind-the-scenes gossip left in the wake. Hit the link for VG247's round-up of which console manufacturers got high scores, and which binned all lives on the first level.

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Veryangryxbot3749d ago

Bro, everyone who is actually there are talking about the SOny games. Not about MSs E3 conference.

They had nothing to show for. New dashboard? Uh lol. And it looks like a kid mii version. Oh wait it is! hahaha, not like any xbot is super enthusiastic about that.

What about Lips? What about it! Nothing thats what. Its an inferior Singstar version. Hey guess what, PS3 owners had singstar since lord knows how long. It was even shown last year and the same retarded bots like this website claimed it to be "nothing special". So why are they suddenly so hyped about LIPS?

What else? So what about the games huh?
Fable 2 12 hours long? Haha fail.
Banjo failed.
Halo wars didnt make a showing. Just like Alan wait.
No new games announced. Didnt xbots say that MS will announce a bunch of new games because 360 is lacking so many games right now? So where are they?
What happened to Bungies E3 announcement? Pulled after seeing R2 and MAG lmao.

Now lets look at SONY. Day 1 Movie downloads, check.
R2 blows away croud. Check.
LBP proving to be Triple. Check.
New features of HOME. Check.
130 games for the PS2. Check.
MAG, massive 256 players online. Check.
GOD of War 3 announced. Check.
Top developers praising the PS3s power and confirming that its the most powerfull console. CHECK.

Day 2 Killzone 2 RIPS E2 apart and it STUNS and leaves jaws open!

And oh yea, 1 announcement about a PS3 GAME, made people angry over the net.

So yea, Sony won by MILES bro. MS wasnt even CLOSE. Anyone with an objective view knows that Sony won. Have you heard the applause after Sony closed their conference? The loud standing ovation? Yea it was louder than what they gave the competitors. ENOUGH SAID.

thereapersson3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Why? Why is it that because MS steals an exclusive title they are crowned the winners of gaming? Congratulations, you have a game that is still on the PS3 and is furthermore second in development to the PS3 version. MS spent the rest of the conference showing stuff featuring ideas that they borrowed from other companies and a few trailers of games we already know about. No new IP's or anything of that matter, and they are still crowned the "winner of E3"

Give me a break.

edit: I do agree with them on the fact that INFamous was rather overlooked when it comes to the grand scheme of things at this year's E3. It could turn out to be a sleeper hit of the year.

Jamie Foxx3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

microsoft shelled out millions to get a game that will still be on the ps3 and still be exclusive to the ps3 in a country where it will sell the most as history suggests and where the 360 needs the most help= JAPAN.(work out the sense in that)

sonys conference was mainly purely about inhouse games. microsoft are seriously lacking inhouse games which is why they are relying on 3rd party developers for multi-plat titles as their E3 showed which frankly is embarrasing

as in the hiphopgamer interview where aaron looked very uncomfortable (great interview)360's lead is diminishing this time last year microsoft were bragging of over 10million consoles ahead of ps3 now aaron was gloating of 5 million(work out the sense in that)cant wait for this time next year!, multiplat titles wont win you the console war

ukilnme3749d ago

Do we have proof that MS paid for FF? I hate to say it but it looks like a lot of the Sony "Faithful" are very butt hurt over that one.

Real Gambler3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Remove the last 5 minutes of the Microsoft conference, and that would have been the most boring conference in the history.

You can read message number 11 for my view (or minutes per minutes) on both conferences. Microsoft lost big time.

QuackPot3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

FF established itself with the Playstations

FF fans would have played it on a Playstation

FF XIII will continue to be on a Playstation

....and now on a xbox 360. So what?

Least we forget that 360 base are strongly shooter NOT JRPGs fans.

titntin3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

I'm not a fan of any one company, and I freely acknowledge that MS has a history of getting its check book out to buy entire business and often to restrict competition.

But that is not the case here.

Square have made it quite clear that they made the decision to green light a 360 version by them selfs and they didn't need a financial incentive to do it. for a game thats obviously taking a long time and a lot of money, they decided it made sense to reach a wider audience, and if you put aside your fan glasses for awhile, it makes perfect sense for them to do so.

MS did not buy a FF13 port. It was free choice made by square. I'm sure the execs at MS made it very easy for them to make the decision, but it wasn't with the usual bribe...

thereapersson3749d ago

Yeah, I don't get all the talk of bribes and payoffs. I think that because this game's expense was becoming very large, I think SE just needed to get this game to the systems in regions where they know for a fact it will recoup all the money the spent to make it.

Still doesn't excuse MS from this whole thing though.

morganfell3749d ago

tintin I agree, I don't think that was the case here. I think square dumped far more money into FF13 than they planned.

My issue is vg24/7 giving MS the kudos for a conference based on 3 games that are multiplatform. Really, look at what they wrote for MS strong points. The other "winning feature" the use of avatars - MS is the last one to the party in announcing that - and the video sharing. That is the one thing they have no one else is up for.

Sony announces not only quite a few exclusives, but they show MS the future of digital downloads which is portability. They also announce astounding barrier breaking in online play - which is quite phenomenal when you consider the big MS showing was a 5 v 5 game. Tripe, pure and simple.

N2NOther3749d ago

First of all they didn't STEAL anything and it's retarded to even suggest it. Secondly, whether you like the idea or not, it's still huge news and nothing that came after it even came close.

And it's not just FF XIII that people are saying they one for. That was the knockout blow, for sure, but they really showed a lot, like the article said, of great 3rd party titles, WITH RELEASE DATES, and also the Live update which is going to be pretty impressive. Is it Home? Nope, but then again, neither is Home.

FPS nut3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Because they stole somthing that was reported as a PS3 exclusive and couldn't be done on 360 hardware, and... they stole it in front of the whole world, while Sony didn't even know about it. It was the greatest E3 pwning of all time. If I was a 360 fanboy I would be jumping for joy and burning PS3 fanboys on the threads. If I was a PS3 fanboy, I would be pissed and would be trying to spin this like you, and like you... I would hate all 360 fanboys for burning me in the threads. Playstation fanboys jumped all over the Xbox fanboys when PS fans got Bioshock, now it's come full circle and it's their turn to jump on you.

The important lesson here is if you are a raging fanboy, your going to get butned one way or another. It's ok to have a prefrence for hardware and argue features, but fanboyism should apply to games, not consoles. Seems here it's the Playstation fanboys who lost, Final Fantasy fanboys didn't lose anything. Final fantasy fanboys gained, because now the series will make twice as much money giving Square Enix the money to make the next FF bigger and better.

Gamers FTW, but it is fun watching some of the fanboys squirm, so I will enjoy the show :)

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Omega43749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

MS clearly must be the winners, since if they held of showing two big new exclusives one of which was a new HALO yes a HALO their biggest frachise.

Clearly shows they felt they had the show beat....i guess FF13 being multiplaform can do that :)

Amp3749d ago

Sony was the winner, not showing their new I.P., which has been decribed as the most gorgeous game to ever grace a console.. Tell me, what exactly did Microsoft do? Bought another game? They have to, heck even your Halo was a playstation 2 launch game, b4 Microsft got bungie. Microsoft has deep pockets, ill give them that.

Real Gambler3749d ago

"As the story goes, Microsoft's presser was originally planned to run two-and-a-half hours, but Mattrick wanted to get it down to under 90 minutes. For some reason, a Halo game was cut to make way for such content "

Stupid move, and another reason they lost in my mind.

QuackPot3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )


I didn't know Halo was POTENTIALLY a Ps2 game. I knew it was shown as a Mac game and Microsoft got lucky and spotted it then bought Bungie.

But it makes you think what would have happened with the xbox without Halo...and the Ps2 with it.

Microsoft would have made millions had they not built the xbox and instead ported Halo and other games to the Ps2. Makes you wonder.

Vecta3749d ago

Actually AMP Halo was never going to come out the PS2...
It was originally intended to come out for Macs as a RTS then an FPS.
Once it became an FPS and was shown to the many publishers Microsoft instantly jumped on and bought bungie and made them put in on Xbox.

Amp3749d ago

It was slated as a PS2 launch game, I still have the articles on it somewhere, this was from 1999, listing Halo as a PS2 launch game. It was out in fall 99, 1 year b4 the Launch, on 10/26/ 2000 U.S.

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Sk8boyP3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

This article is fail. We all know that Sony won, Microcopy just bites off everyone, if anything happened during E3 it was that Microcopy just rehashes other companies ideas and release them as their own. Sony came strong with their exclusive PS3 and PSN line up, video store and progress with the PSN functionality. Nintendo not only has an underwhelmed audience but they were... FAIL.

ps360s3749d ago

Final Fantasy 13 going to Xbox 360 was shocking but to say MS won the E3 is well...I think Sony did fab with their conference and if it weren't for the Final Fantasy 13 announcement then MS conference would'nt of got the winning status.

Oh well whatever, good games coming from both Sony/MS then I'm happy since I have both systems.