Did Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 rip off Deus Ex?

GameZone: "It's not like Eidos Montréal was the first to explore genetic modification in humans, but you have to admit there are some blatant similarities between Deus Ex and the new Black Ops 3 trailer. What do you think, did Treyarch rip off Deus Ex?"

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brbobcat1397d ago

Sure, it looks like they were heavily inspired by Deus Ex, but it still looks cool. I'll reserve judgement for the gameplay trailer.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1396d ago

It wasn't about the gameplay it was about Deus Ex's Live action trailers. This looks identical to them.

crazychris41241397d ago

Probably but it seems like everybody is borrowing something from another game. Shadow of Mordor had elements of Assassins Creed and the Arkham series but it was still a great game and the nemesis system was very well done. As long as they do a great job and they dont borrow too much then its fine by me. Still going to take a lot for me to even think about getting another COD game. COD AW was disappointing when I got it with my xbox 1 bundle (I knew I should have sold the game). Campaign was ok and the multiplayer was a camp fest even with the exo suit movement abilities. Just wasnt fun to run around with a shotgun or SMG, you were lucky to get 3 in a row before you were killed by someone on a rooftop or in a corner, its one of the reasons why I stopped playing the franchise in the 1st place.

annoyedgamer1397d ago

Well if they do it right I will take a look. I love Deus Ex. I still want my WW2 shooter though.

skyrim1397d ago

All games borrow something from other popular great games. Just because they went into the future and took a logical leap towards cybernetics being implemented into humans is not blatantly copying. I'm not a super huge call of duty fan but we shouldn't be upset about games doing something that seem's logical as far as the franchise goes.

iamnsuperman1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I feel it is more of an amalgamation of an idea. Treyarch couldn't exactly just release AW 2. They needed their own angle that isn't a complete departure from COD AW. Human augmentation is a good alternative. Now one could argue the theme has been stolen (moral issue of human augmentation and the eventual ethic issues with it) but what else can you do. Human augmentation would automatically bring up these questions anyway.

Edit: One thing I can say is Eidos Montréal should take note about how to advertise. I liked the new Deus Ex trailer but this is how you advertise this concept. You would think it was a film until the end

Kingdomcome2471397d ago

I enjoyed both trailers, though I enjoyed the Mankind Divided trailer more. That probably just boils down to me being far more excited for the new Deus Ex than I am Blops 3.

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