X360 preview: Call Of Duty: World At War

For those of you who spend less than 100 per cent of your day dedicated to reading about, playing, and writing about games, you may not be aware of this snippet of Call Of Duty history. When series favourites Infinity Ward had finished creating Call Of Duty 2, it immediately started work on Call Of Duty 4. Meanwhile, Treyarch, a developer acquired by series-publisher Activision in 2001 were set about creating Call Of Duty 3. Still with us? Good. The upside is that this gave Infinity Ward greater freedom to build the exceptional product that you know as Modern Warfare, with a huge window in which to fine-tune development. The downside is that this gave Treyarch only a year to turn around Call Of Duty 3. On five platforms. It shouldn't really have surprised anyone that the finished product, on 360 at least, was riddled with bugs and inconsistencies. Some, at the time, began finger-waving in the direction of Treyarch, some instead were happy to avoid it altogether and wait another year for number four, while some understood that even what the developer managed to put out, with only a year in development, was nothing short of miraculous.

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omni_atlas3743d ago

The co-op video showed during E3 wasn't bad. It was the deciding factor whether this was going to be a buy game. I can definitely say its in that category now.

FPS nut3743d ago

This game will take a back seat to Brothers in Arms.