DICE Dev: We're Not Heartless Robots; Battlefront Negativity Won't Affect The Team

Jesper Nielsen, one of the DICE devs working on Star Wars: Battlefront, replied to the overwhelming criticism against the studio.

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lelo2play1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I'm not that interested in the game, but the game will sell like crack because the Star Wars name. The name Star Wars sells itself.

Rimeskeem1395d ago

There are a lot of Star Wars games that didn't do well and a lot of people don't know about them

Imp0ssibl31395d ago

Yeah, Battlefront is actually one of them. It never was this crackin' game in terms of quality, DICE has the potential to make it truly big

Sgt_Slaughter1395d ago

Or completely kill any momentum for it

RegorL1395d ago

@Slaughter DICE might revive Battlefront not kill it.

After ten years rigor mortis surely must have set in...

JasonKCK1395d ago

I long for the days of Lucas Arts.

mikeslemonade1395d ago

If it's Star Wars in will sell well. It doesn't need to sell 5m to be considerd a great seller. I would say almost all star war games sell atleast 1 mil across all platforms.

abstractel1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I don't understand why DICE would get such hate, but it is the internet after all. I recently got a fresh reminder why I don't like playing online against strangers. It seems behind anonymity most people are assholes. I haven't built up enough good people on my PS4 friend list to cover the games I play.

I look forward to Battlefront a lot, but I will most likely only play the SP part because of this reason -- unless I happen to find enough good people to play with on a regular basis.

I played MKX online today for the first time, lag was horrible despite having a very fast internet connection and properly set up ports. I am also new to the game so I got beaten -- I'm competitive but I have no problem accepting a loss, no big whoop but as we got back to the team menu, the guy said "he barely got a punch in, look as this guy rage quits, then I was called a "fucking f*g". Completely unprovoked.

This is the norm, and these are the same people spewing hate over DICE without considering the people who are working on the game. I don't blame the Mass Effect guy for leaving the industry, it's shitty.

For my own sanity I avoid reading social media. I contribute because I hope someone will see a positive voice, but I don't read. If I worked at DICE (I've been offered a job there a couple of times but don't want to move back to Sweden), I would stay away from all social media and just do the best work I can do.

Aery1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I'm with them.
Fuck all these whiners and spoiled people who haven't nothing better to do than whine about everything.

rainslacker1393d ago

Most weren't marketed very well. The good ones tend to do very well in the long run, while the crappy ones that bank on the name go forgotten.

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_-EDMIX-_1395d ago

?? Very, very incorrect. I'm sorry but games sell well because they are quality games. Folks don't just go around buying games just because.

DICE is a great team, Star Wars is a fine license, they will buy it because it will be good, not purely based off of Star Wars, I'm sorry but where were you years ago when Lucas Arts closed down?

Those games sell good too? You could have the Star Wars IP...doesn't mean you'll make lots of money.

Aurenar1395d ago

Here people are convinced that DICE is a shit team.

lelo2play1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

"?? Very, very incorrect. I'm sorry but games sell well because they are quality games. Folks don't just go around buying games just because."

I completely disagree with you. Star Wars Battlefront has a lot of hype associated with it. Hype can be a powerful tool to sell games... and we have a recent example of that. The Order 1886. If you want more examples: Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed Unity, Duke Nukem Forever... all those are successes in sales due to hype, not quality. If you think only good games are best sellers and bad games don't sell, you are quite naive.

Star Wars Battlefront can be a great game or turn out to be a big pile of crap, doesn't matter. It will have strong sales because of the hype. Sony's exclusive promotion of the game will also help.

JasonKCK1395d ago

"Folks don't just go around buying games just because" Sorry but disagree with that. I see people do just that daily.

hells_supernova1394d ago

No people do not buy quality. There are plenty of fantastic games that struggle to sell while candy crush makes billions

Kidmyst1394d ago

Dice is a good studio, the problem is EA is the problem and Dice gets the heat. If EA bans peoples accounts because they complain the game is broken, Dice gets the heat for a broken game but why is EA treating gamers the way they do? I hope every developer is like Dice and very passionate about their product and feels hurt when they find it's broken, if you treat gamers good then we open our wallets up more. I am excited for this game but wish there was a campaign more than space battles.

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-Foxtrot1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

"Since the Star Wars: Battlefront reveal, the development team has been targeted by a lot of negativity"

Yeah because first impression wise despite being a new Battlefront something we all wanted and dreamed about, the info we have at the minute doesn't sound like the Battlefield we wanted.

They've changed the way it works and have cut things out which would of advanced the franchise like full of space battles to space to ground battles and even a proper campaign mode. Then you have the fact the classes are gone which were Battlefronts thing meaning it *COULD* end up having loadouts, perks, killstreaks....making it like any other multiplayer game where it's about what you've unlocked not your skill.

In a way the negativity should affect the team to make the game better before release.

I'll be saddened if gamers can easily take Battlefront 4 apart (with honest legit reasons) but won't do it to Battlefront because it's Star Wars or the game they've been waiting years for.

"We’re not a group of heartless robots that just want your money"

Imp0ssibl31395d ago

I don't really see how space battles would make sense since this game is focused on ground combat. Making space battles interact with what's going on in the battlefield would be a nightmare, and how do you even target something that's in outer space?

At least there'll be ways to take down the airships.
Plus, Battlefront never truly had a proper campaign. There'll be a game made by Visceral if you want a single player in the Star Wars universe.

iamnsuperman1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

The idea of focusing on ground combat is the insane part for this Star Wars game. Star Wars has a rich vehicle history and it seems DICE have limited that down to just the tie fighter and the X wing (bombers have to be "called in" and the ATAT is on rails). The way Battlefront 2 did space combat was to emulate the ground war but just in a vehicle only focus. It worked well. They only needed to expand on this idea.

The way to make -Foxtrot idea work is to set objectives. They can emulate what Battlefield has done for years which is unlocking part of the map if certain objectives are met. Instead of carrying along the map they could add verticality (introducing transport ships for boarding parties, bombers to take the objectives from the out side, fighters for protection)

edit: even in a general capture the flag setting objectives can be set to make both compatible. It is just adding verticality to the maps

-Foxtrot1395d ago

What about the levels where you had two ships opposite one another and you could get into a smaller ship to go outside towards the enemy ones.

In-between them was massive space battles, you would be lucky to get to the other side if you weren't blown to bits. The whole point of it was to stop them coming into your base.

hiredhelp1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Then you have the fact the classes are gone which were Battlefronts thing meaning it *COULD* end up having loadouts, perks, killstreaks....making it like any other multiplayer game where it's about what you've unlocked not your skill.

Oh noo i was affraid of this I told my mate hes huge star wars fan dont get too excited.
Not being funny but DICE have only ever knew BF and there Engine..
I really hope they dont make it feel like Battlefield game.

spacedelete1395d ago

you people do know Battlefront was always trying to emulate Battlefield right ? that was the whole point of it.

Kingdomcome2471395d ago

"Doesn't sound like the Battlefield we all wanted." Freudian slip? ;)

-Foxtrot1395d ago

<sigh> I was afraid that was going to happen sooner or later

Rachel_Alucard1395d ago

My expectations for this fell down a well when I saw the dev was the same team that made that god awful MoH: Warfighter. They have a proven track record of making things as generic and bland as possible.

_-EDMIX-_1395d ago

"the info we have at the minute doesn't sound like the Battlefield we wanted"

Or folks had very unrealistic expectations. Thats like expecting a Final Fantasy with open world, towns, airships etc just like the older FF, yet disregard just how difficulty it will be to do such a thing on newer hardware on much more demanding engines.

ie an airship in sprite format isn't that hard to make, likely wasn't even that hard even back then (could have took longer if we count that computers weren't so fast) but to expect that in full 3D and think well its the same thing.....oh, oh boy your dead wrong.

Example. FFV, Airships, open world, towns.

FFXIII airships, open world, towns....I mean well that should be expected in XIII right? Are we not factoring in 360 doesn't have the format for such a concept? We not factoring in that those 3 things are not the same when in 3D in terms of function, time it takes to make, engine etc?

Soooooooo why would we merely ask for those features from BF2 with this expectation that it should be easy because it was already done.

In Frostebite3? With textures? On new hardware?

I'm sorry but thats not how game development works, hell FF Versus XIII was only going to be on 1 system based on bluray just to add all those older features, took years and years to make and was put on PS4 and XONE JUST based on just how huge that endeavor actually was.

Features are not just bullet points on paper.

Towns, airships and open world isn't just 3 things that all take the same amount of effort to make. They vary based on what engine, graphical style, etc.

Sooooo to expect BF2's features in this game is as crazy as expecting FFVII's features in every single FF moving forward.

I think we'll get those features eventuality anyway as I don't think this is the last BF that DICE is going to do anyway.

carlingtat1394d ago

I feel sorry for DICE developers. They're obviously fans of Star Wars and want to make a great game but instantly people are like "shit game" and "DICE are fucking this up".

The_Sage1394d ago

Don't include me in your "we", Foxtrot. This game is shaping up to be exactly what I wanted. It is a beautiful reboot of the first game. THIS IS NOT BATTLEFRONT 3. There were no space battles in the first game. There was no conquest. Like the original devs, they are building the engine, and nailing down planet based combat in this first iteration. I'm sure we'll see the things that the whiney internet pukes are crying about in the next game, if the negative loud mouths don't kill it before it is born.

-Foxtrot1394d ago

We dosent neccesarly mean everyone. What am I going to say "everyone except x,y,z and the sage"

Don't take things so seriously

EazyC1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

"...Battlefield we wanted"

Oops, that was a Freudian Slip if I ever heard one!

edit: lol at the dude who posted literally the same reply before me

Simco8761394d ago

Ok you just made me think of a Star Wars CoD, and it sounds fantastic.

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PaulKersey1395d ago

Constructive criticism isn't "hate". People are wondering why this game doesn't have popular features that were in its decade-old predecessors. They're legitimate complaints.

Alexious1395d ago

The first Battlefront didn't have space battles, you know. It was only added in the second one.

starchild1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Most the stuff a lot of gamers complain about is just bullsh*t. Nitpicking, entitled whiners. Luckily, they are just the vocal minority on the internet. Most gamers in the real world are more level headed.

Eejanaika1394d ago

Fans of this game have a good reason to be concerned.
Dice and EA are making it. They Don't have perfect records and battlefront 2 is one of my all time favorite games. I don't blame them for being concerned. They knew when they accepted this that this would be a gigantic franchise of a game not to mess up.

pompombrum1395d ago

Well obviously not, robots can't understand the concept of greed.

arbitor3651395d ago

EA definitely are heartless robots, though. This has been established.

pompombrum1395d ago

More like money sucking leeches. EA have a heart, it's one gigantic $$$ sign.

Kingdomcome2471395d ago

I feel for you 700p if you truly think that money is life.

Maul_T_Pass1394d ago

Yet some of you people continue to buy their games...