You can now pre-order the Limited Edition Arkham Knight PS4 for just £349 (RRP: £399.99)

Dealspwn reports: "The Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 is a thing of beauty, a burnished grey two-toned machine complete with matching DualShock 4 that will look a bit like a Batarang in the right light. Want one? Of course you do. So it's a a good thing that you can now get a tasty £50 saving into the bargain."

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d_g1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

very nice bundle

i think this a good chance For those who didn't buy PS4

Blues Cowboy1399d ago

Yup, but annoying since I bought one for Bloodborne!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not disappointed. At all. The game is magnificent and the console is fantastic. But... man that thing is pretty.

iSuperSaiyanGod1399d ago

Pre-orddered mine when i put my job application in at gamester . I'm so stoked 1

Lighter91399d ago

But I just bought my ps4 not too long ago... AND JUST FOR ARKHAM KNIGHT! ::cries::

Kingdomcome2471399d ago

I've already pre-ordered on Amazon.

Germany71399d ago

Congrats, and please, don't throw the box away, it looks awesome.

Kingdomcome2471399d ago

No worries as I'm a box hoarder lol. If it is gaming related, I keep it.

magiciandude1399d ago

Box is cool. The console itself, not so much IMO. The only really cool limited PS4 I've ever seen is the MGSV Phantom Pain. I really hope that launches in the west, I would snatch one of those in a heartbeat. Apart from the NES, I've yet to see a better console than that PS4.

An all silver PS4 looks quite cheap in my imagination.

crazychris41241399d ago

I've had enough gray, silver, black, and white consoles and handhelds throughout the years. Already got my black and gold COD AW Xbox One, now I want the red MGS 5 bundle. I collect these consoles and never sell them so I might as well get the special editions.