CD Projekt Red Showing The Witcher 3 Sneak Peak; Hinting At Console Footage Soon

CD Projekt Red's level designer Miles Tost has teased a sneak peak for a The Witcher 3 presentation that will be held tonight. Tost also hints at console footage to be released soon.

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Fro_xoxo1396d ago

Yeah, let's see that XO footage.

bleedsoe9mm1396d ago

gamespot witcher series showed all three running on side by side screens at the devs studio all three looked fine to me .

vishmarx1396d ago

under a microscope or bust

UltraNova1396d ago

I don't want to sound negative here but isn't it strange that we are less than a month away from release and they haven't released console gameplay footage yet? I mean what we know is what a bunch of game journos described after getting a taste of the game behind scenes months ago!

sssb1396d ago

PS4 I want to see Fucking ps4 control button in screen.

AstroCyborg1396d ago

doubful since ms has the marketing deal with cd

BartMoons1396d ago

PC version will stand out, dont see a big difference coming between The console versions

shec1396d ago

Sneak peak of sneak peak lol

dRanzer1396d ago

looks like they shames to show us footage from consoles version
very disturbing imo

Cra2yey31396d ago

Well they said they were working hard to fix the frame rate issues.

dreamoner1396d ago

Well they let journalists play all 3 three versions 2 or 3 months ago. If the game were looking bad on consoles we'd have heard of it. The reports were like: "little difference between PC and consoles" btw, tho PC version at that time were on high settings, not on very high/ultra/uber/whatever.

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