Flower E3 2008 stage show demo

A video featuring Jenova Chen from ThatGameCompany describing the basic premise behind Flower and its gameplay elements, along with some gameplay footage.

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thereapersson3770d ago

She messed up the name of ThatGameCompany...

She's kind of hot though, so i'll forgive it this time!

techie3770d ago

She's an awful interviewer

HowarthsNJ3770d ago

If she gets it then so will the casual audience.

Somewhat like the Gamestop employees who only know anything about the Wii.

Overr8ed3770d ago

well at least shes getting better... =) okay i lied.

DFresh3770d ago

That Game Company is really innovative w/ their games.
First Flow now Flower equals awesome.
I'm also hoping that Cloud eventually comes to the PSN one of these days.