Nintendo E3 predictions: Wii U, 3DS, Star Fox and so many Amiibo

As ever in the gaming industry, Nintendo exists in a separate bubble to Sony and Microsoft. Its Wii U is not selling nearly as well as the Xbox One or PS4 but it is certainly clawing its way back, even if it is moving from being an abject failure to just a regular failure.

That is in terms of sales at least; when it comes to quality first party games, the Wii U has bettered the bigger consoles consistently. Not one PS4 and Xbox One exclusive can match Super Mario 3D World or Mario Kart 8, not one. Nintendo's games have always been the sole reason to buy its console and this E3 will be about keeping its recent quality going.

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Stringerbell1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Do you guys think they are going to go cross gen with the newest Zelda a la Twilight Princess?

nugget271397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

If Nintendo aren't talking about NX until 2016 then the console won't be out until late 2016 at the earliest, but 2017 remains likelier. In that case it's hard to see Zelda slipping so far from its original release, particularly when it's such a huge part of their known line-up

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1397d ago

Nintendo doesnt reveak and release a brand new system in the same year.

nugget271397d ago

That's why I said 2017 was likelier

bass4g1397d ago

Nah, the only nintendo system to not have it's own dedicated zelda was game boy colour iirc and that doesn't really count as it's own system. Yes they've done cross platform releases with TP but both the wii and gamecube got their dedicated zeldas (SS and WW). I would have thought that it's a reputation thing. A lot of people buy nintendo systems for zelda and if a new system doesn't have zelda, or only a cross platform zelda (making the purchase of the console to play zelda pointless) then people will lose faith.

Summons751397d ago

Seeing as the NX won't be out until 2017 or more realistically 2018 then I doubt it. Zelda will be releasing in 2016.

N4g_null1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

If the game is cross generation then it won't matter because nintendo does bc. That game is coming in 2016 and the new nx doesn't come till 2018 or more. Tech wise 2016 is when hsa hbm will start to show up. I'm these two techs will offer 600 gb bandwidth speeds with less clock and you can get more from less ram. So of like sram but better. You are a HD gamer right then what is the bandwidth of the ps4 and Xbox one together... well the second version of that tech is going to be over 1000 gbs. It would be complete murder if nintendo drop a console with out that tech. I'm sure sony wouldn't pass up the chance to pad some numbers just with ram. Sure that tech is expensive... will you do know the n64 used the same kind of ram as the ps3? Yep rambus ram... do you even know how much sram cost? Nooo? Well you can't even buy it with out designing a chip. Which is why ms has more of it then nintendo because ms is Mr money bags.

The second then you would do is show nintendo you didn't even want a console and they make a handheld and port it to that. Do you really want a handheld version of a console game?

So if nintendo is serious they would announce that the game isn't cross gen. Then proceed to show you why a cross gen Zelda doesn't matter because look at this here!

wonderfulmonkeyman1396d ago

Talking about a new system doesn't always equate to a release date, so my bet is still on a late 2017-18 release.
As for Zelda, no.
I can tell you with full confidence that it won't be cross gen, because they're still calling it Zelda for Wii U.

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Concertoine1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I predict a new paper mario for wii u. Also a new metroid, but for 3ds

gamingpro1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I hope for a metroid, f zero, a new Mario game, open world pokemon game, Luigi's mansion, castlevania remake, dlc pack 3 for mk8 announced, to accompany devils third, star Fox,splatoon, Mario maker, xenoblade chronicles and whatever other suprises they have

BudokaiGamer1396d ago

^This, except what your concept of an "open world" Pokémon game would be. It's already got a large world in each game that you have to explore. Climbing up mountains and stuff a la Skyrim isn't going to make the game better.

gerbwmu1397d ago

I hope (wish is probably a better term) Intelligent Systems is working on a proper Fire Emblem for Wii U....even if it is a remake or compilation of older titles. I want to find out what Retro and Next Level are up too and an announcement or 2 from exclusive 3rd party games. With Legend of Kay, Sky Soldier, Devils 3rd, Project Cars, maybe COD, GH Live, the rest of 2015 should feel a little more full, game wise, then the last few years.

BigDuo1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Intelligent Systems just released Codename Steam earlier this year and are finishing development on a 2nd 3DS Fire Emblem title coming out in Japan this summer and next year overseas. Aslo, one of the producers is is at least supervising development on Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, if not having some of the IS dev team partially co-developing the game too. I doubt they will have anything new to announce at E3.

It may be too early to hear about Retro's next game since they only released a new game just over a year ago. Retro's track record has also been that they've revealed their new games in the same year they've released in. DKC: Tropical Freeze was initially planned for 2013, but I think the real reason it got delayed was because Nintendo needed to have a 2nd game out in the first half of 2014 because Mario Kart 8, otherwise we would have experienced a 4 month software drought.

It seems possible to hear something from Next Level Games since its last project, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, came out back in March 2013. For the record, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's development began in 2009, but development took longer than expected. It was announced at E3 2011 and showed off again at E3 2012. before finally coming out in early spring 2013.

gerbwmu1396d ago

The Fire Emblem is clearly me wishing for what I want and not what makes logical sense. Although if it was an HD retread of the Radiant series or a group of the older games it might be possible. I'm just realizing that FE v SMT is more of the standard RPG then a FE game. Not a bad thing, just me hoping for a FE game to play on my big screen.

Retro is closing in on 2 years development on what ever is next as I think we both agree they finished DKTF well before it was released. If it is a major franchise (Metroid) they may tease it like Zelda last year with a short trailer.

Next Level is the interesting 1. Seems possible that they may have a Wii U and 3DS game since it has been a while since we heard anything from them. Maybe a Mario Strikers, or Punch Out or both? Luigi Mansion for Wii U is possible too.

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