East Vs West: Comparing Role-Playing Games

Andreco Brooks of Gamer Attitude compares RPGs from the East and West.

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Stringerbell1397d ago

Like everything it boils down to preference, I will say that during the 90's the differences were huge and imo its when Western RPG's were at their weakest (barring some PC releases of course).

I remember as a kid getting AD&D Eye of The Beholder on the SNES while my friend down the block got FF II. The struggle was real =/

Clogmaster1396d ago

You can combine both your childhood experiences with Dragon's Dogma.

Fight the Eye of the Beholder using magic style spells from Final Fantasy 2.

miyamoto1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Good thing the PlayStation is the platform that provides an equal amount of JRPG and Western RPG alike. Ni No Kuni and Mass Effect. Like Bloodborne and The Witcher.

submarinna1396d ago

East is best west is next I throw chains of my chest onto the next pest

q8kik1396d ago

One thing JRPG's can improve is their story lines.

One thing WRPG's can improve is their creativity and design (Especially monster designs) they're always very realistic and simple.

Feriku1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I love games from both genres, but I'm slightly more a JRPG fan. The weaknesses this article lists for them don't bother me.

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