Does the PS4 Really Need Big Holiday Exclusives?

Push Square: "There's been much navel gazing by some of the industry's bigger publications of late: what does Sony have in store for Fall 2015? The delay of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, a tentpole title at any time of the year, has left the PlayStation 4's slate empty; Tearaway Unfolded, Until Dawn, and Ratchet & Clank are all still in the works, but are all likely to deploy at some point in the summer. E3 could bring fresh surprises in a few months – Guerrilla has been busy beavering away on a role-playing game for what feels like an eternity now, while you'd expect Polyphony Digital to put out a new Gran Turismo at some point – but it's hard to imagine it having anything of Naughty Dog calibre ready in time for Christmas."

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Aloy-Boyfriend1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

every console needs a big holiday exclusive. Only Microsoft seems to have their big exclusive ready, while Nintendo and Sony delayed their big exclusives. That's not to say they can't release a new IP and become big. I;m confident both will have a great holiday!

DarkOcelet1400d ago

For JRPG fans, PS4 will be the console to have. Persona V will be the sleeper hit of this year, thats for sure. And there is still Until Dawn and R&C reboot. So they still have games and lets not forget the indie games.

Genuine-User1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

People continuously disregard or underestimate the content Sony is providing throughout 2015.

SoapShoes1400d ago

^ No only people who are too lazy to look at what's coming out or fanboys who move goalposts, "bu bu bu that game isn't going to sell 10 million it doesn't count."

OB1Biker1400d ago

I doubt Rachet &C would release in the Summer. I don't why this site is assuming it
Seems to be a perfect game for holiday

Utalkin2me1400d ago

The Ps4 does not need big exclusives for the holiday season. I mean if the Xbox1 can go all year long without big exclusives then release exclusives in the last 2 months, and it still sells.

freshslicepizza1400d ago

so far they have bloodborne that interests me, i'd like to see tomorrow children, rime and tearaway come out this year as well.

miyamoto1400d ago

Holidays for PlayStation is all about 3rd party games ever since the original PSX. It may sound weird but 3rd party is PlayStation's priority over 1st party. This has always been the PlayStation mandate.
When will gamers realize this?

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Transistor1400d ago

They have SWBF, COD and an unannounced exclusive for this holidays, they'll be fine. They also have exclusives coming out all year unlike the Xbox One and Wii U, which matters too ya know.

gamer11381400d ago

I like how everyone continues to use this "they have exclusives coming out all year unlike..." what did they have last christmas? Drive club Vs Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2. What is really happening is Sony's schedule got messed up by the Order being delayed. The Order should have come out last fall which would mean they were only gonna have Bloodborne as their AAA title for the first half of the year. And imagine if Drivelcub had made its original release in 2013...that would mean they could have had nothing christmas 2014!

That said it would have been nice for something like Quantum Break to come out around now on xbox but that looks to be something they're going to address in 2016 with QB, Crackdown and Scalebound which should launch first half of next year.

Looks like two different approaches. MS seems to want to launch games when more customers are out buying consoles at christmas but going up agains the annual releases like COD, Assassins, Fifa. While Sony seem to let those big names sell then throughout the rest of the year pepper in the odd game.

q8kik1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )


The question should be " what did they have last YEAR "
Instead of christmas only.

and why oh why are you putting only one exclusive against three?...Bias much?
It should've gone something like this.
Forza Horizon VS DC
All of these PS exclusives saw more success than the XB1 exclusives.

Add to that Guilty Gear xrd and Samurai Warriors 4 and then you will get why the PS4 outsold and the XB1

bleedsoe9mm1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

depends on what we mean by "NEED" ps4 is selling great without them and probaly will continue too sell great . that doesn't mean ms won't tighten the gap in the US and UK if they don't , but both are going to be healthy gaming ecosystems , so it doesn't really matter to sony . people forget that these player bases can only grow so fast based on production , so having too much demand really doesn't make them anymore money .

Crimzon1400d ago

Yeah, what drew me to the PS3 was the exclusives and so far the PS4 has been disappointing except for Bloodborne. Last holiday season had nothing of worth and now that Uncharted 4 has been pushed back it looks like another year with a dry holiday lineup. Sure you can name games like Until Dawn and Tomorrow Children I guess, but they don't exactly look promising. The wait for Uncharted 4 is gonna be painful, and I hope Sony start funding more good exclusives in the future rather than wasting cash on rubbish like The Order. I'm really hoping they're commissioning another game like Bloodborne from From Software.

SoapShoes1400d ago

Nothing of worth? LittleBigPlanet 3 and Guilty Gear were awesome games.

Eonjay1400d ago

This isn't really true. For as long as most can remember, the biggest 360 title has been COD. It has been the system's main driver for years. In fact, all of the top selling games are multiplat.

Brotard1400d ago

Mostly true except you are missing one of the biggest exclusive franchises ever, Halo...

SoapShoes1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

If they have big exclusives throughout the year it isn't a big deal really to have one at the end of the year. PS4 is getting an exclusive every month and that looks better to potential buyers, no matter how big, than nothing all year like Xbox.

Gority1400d ago

Need? No. Should have? Yes.

OrangePowerz1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Given how many games come out every year during the holiday season I don't mind it too much given that there is a ton of other games to play.

Sure I would like to play games like UC4 this year, but on the other hand next year I will have more time it without having to worry anout needing to finish 4-6 other games. And there are still games like Persona 5 and I'm actually more forward to that game.

Insomnia_841400d ago

This, I believe, would be the best business move for Sony and PS4 for this holiday:

1. Release an Uncharted Collection that includes a demo and a beta access to UC4.

2. Release UC4 in Feb or March.

Releasing exclusives around games like COD and any other big games is not a good move.

spacedelete1400d ago

but then COD will get even bigger sales as there won't be much to buy. i can't believe people are defending having less games. you do know you can wait for price drops ?

Xer0_SiN1400d ago

im gonna say no, cause playstation (not just ps4) pumps out great exclusives all year long.

OldDude1400d ago

Somebody needs to explain to me where these great, all year long exclusives have been. So far I have seen The Order (not good) and Bloodbourne. So Indy games now count as great exclusives? Because honestly, I don't get it.

Xer0_SiN1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

olddude: guy. im gonna say again, PLAYSTATION (the brand) pumps out great exclusives all year long. this is a proven track record, you cannot dispute this. its been like this since ps1. they dont just wait till the holiday season rolls around to try and capitalize. just because you didnt like the order doesnt mean other people dont think its good or would enjoy something like that; i thought it was pretty cool. the exclusives is just gonna grow.

kneon1400d ago

The holidays are typically dominated by the yearly releases of the big multi-platform games, there is no need for a big exclusive at that time of year.

Magicite1400d ago

PS4 will sell this year better than previous.

_-EDMIX-_1400d ago

Not really. Sony outselling MS the gen prior, last gen and now this gen sorta shows that the whole holiday exclusives thing is a bit of an exaggeration. Gamers play games all year round, not just for 3 months out of the year.

I'm sorry but Sony starting to release games in spring a couple years ago was one of the best moves done in gaming. Do you know how many were doubting Motorstorm,Heavy Rain and God Of War III selling based on releasing in spring?

Yet...they did huge millions and showed that indeed, a spring release is something gamers are ok with. Sony lets 3rd parties shine during the fall, then during the spring releases many titles during what used to be seen as droughts years prior.

Sony has proven time and time again that a library of games sells systems and not just 1 game during the fall. Consider Sony doesn't have a Halo nor Mario type IP...

The closet thing might be GT and even GT isn't just releasing 4 titles a gen or anything lol. I'm fine with PS not having a huge fall game, it doesn't really need one.

SilentNegotiator1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

I'll inform 2014 PS4 that it has a lot to worry about and "needs" to shove all of its year 'round releases to the end of the year.

Oh wait.

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magiciandude1400d ago

"As far as we can tell, this Christmas is going to be all about Star Wars: Battlefront on the PS4 – and, if the rumours are true, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, too. They may be third-party games,"

Not to mention they're cross-platform games at that. The holiday season doesn't look too promising for PS4 gamers on the front of exclusive titles in my opinion, but maybe we'll see something this E3...

DarkOcelet1400d ago

Ratchet & Clank.. Platformer
Soma... Horror
Until Dawn... Horror
The Tomorrow's Children.. Action
Everybody's gone to the Rapture... Story driven
Persona V... JRPG
No Man's Sky.. Adventure

I dont know mate, i think Sony still have alot of games.

deadpoolio3161400d ago

Since when does the ratchet & clank remake even have a release date....Safe to assume it would be 2016 anyway to coincide with the movie

Mikefizzled1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Very few of those appeal to the casual gamers. If anything is going to REALLY help Sony this year it'll be marketing Battlefront and Black Ops 3 like they are exclusives. I knew several casual players who bought a PS4 because they thought Watch Dogs and Destiny as they thought they were exclusives.

SoapShoes1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

The Ratchet movie comes out this year. -_- So does the game. How do people even....

ArnoDorian1400d ago

The Tomorrow's Children, is also a game visualized on Communism and marxism so that is also a key factor on this game

MrBigShot0071400d ago

That's a nice list of games, problem is none of them have a release date or window. Half of them can be 2016 launches so again, does Sony need a holiday exclusive? Yes they do, they need to give solid release dates to some of these game cause as of right now, what is the next big release for Sony coming out?

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guyman1400d ago

Much like the first 6 months for the xbox one?. Which exclusive games where you playing on the xbox one while bloodborne and the order released?

gangsta_red1400d ago

Do exclusives suddenly disappear when the new year starts?

Outside_ofthe_Box1400d ago

Do exclusives suddenly disappear when the holiday starts?

Ron_Danger1400d ago


Of course they don't disappear, but if one company is constantly adding more to their list all year, it makes the competition look like they're sleeping on the job.

Are you honestly saying you're good with playing Sunset or Ori all year until Halo comes out?

Why o why1400d ago

Sony have been more consistent in terms of releasing exclusives. .. This shouldn't even be questioned. Big exclusives do matter but they would matter more if there weren't other exclusives to choose from during the year or any other given period. Having the bare minimum releases for the majority of the year then rereleasing a glut of games in the holiday season can only fool people for so long.

magiciandude1400d ago

"Which exclusive games where you playing on the xbox one while bloodborne and the order released?"

Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC, and Forza Horizon 2 from last year. That's because besides Bloodborne, PS4 has very little for it to write home about. The Order 1886 is one forgettable experience with the graphics doing most of the work in compensating for the most basic of gameplay I've ever seen in a shooter in a long time. Sony dropped the ball on DriveClub, no doubt about that one. InFamous SS has the most divided reception of the series and I've yet to try it for myself. Knack...yeah, don't want it. Killzone is arguably the weakest of the franchise since the first game on PS2, but it's an okay game in its own right, just poor Killzone fan service to say the least.

TLOU: Remaster launching after only a year of the original version is quite strange and screams of instant cash grab, but to be fair, it's a great choice for non-PS3 gamers, double dippers, and the most die-hard of Sony fans.

gangsta_red1400d ago

Where you guys just happy with Driveclub while MS was constantly bringing out exclusives all last year?

Two games in two months and only because Sony delayed them to the next year and now all of a sudden Sony has a steady stream as if all last holiday season is suddenly forgiven and forgotten.

Why do people feel MS has to bring out an exclusive every single month when Sony doesn't and hasn't even done the same for their own system.

AngelicIceDiamond1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )


Well Ori, Scream Ride and State Of Decay. You said which exclusive games Xbox players were playing so there you go.

@Disagrees you deny the truth but you sure as hell can't avoid it. He asked a simple question and I answered it. I see nothing wrong there.

I'm clearly right, and everyone else is clearly wrong, its that simple.

MysticStrummer1400d ago

@gangsta - What are you talking about? PS4 had more to play last year and the same is happening this year.

gangsta_red1400d ago


Of course it did, just like Xbox has just as much to play last year as they do this year right?

But hey, let's all just pick and chose certain arguments from certain people to discuss about.

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1400d ago
Stringerbell1400d ago

For me it does, as I play my multiplats on my PC.

DEEBO1400d ago

No because people can pick up games they might have miss earlier this year.