E3 08: PlayStation Video Store US exclusive till 2009

David Reeves (SCEE) has revealed that the previously released in the US PlayStation Video Store, will not be making its way to the "PAL markets this year." The reason for the delay is that Sony believes "local content is important" which is what Sony are "working on right now. The dates for video content will come later this year."

The PlayStation Video Store service contains movies and television programmes for users to download in SD and HD. It will take approximately one hour to download a full two hour SD movie, though you stream the movie/television programme as you download.

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ice_prophecy3840d ago

"Not HAPPY Jan!"

Jamie Foxx3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

movies are universal, thats why more than not american movies are number 1 at the UK box office,how many british made films are in the uk cinemas gurantee you more often than not the top ten are all american movies.

sony really grate on me at times why region lock the movie store for people in the UK with american accounts?its our choice what movies we want to watch!

xhi43840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I don't have Video Store either and it pisses me off but your going "oh Sony is so sh1t why can't they just release it all the same?"

here's why:

except for their own internal studios, copyright issues play an EXTREMELY large role in why studios and especially television shows. Also many of these movies studios won't be released on DVD before they're release it for online download. In Australia for instance we don't get the DVD of some movies until months after America does.

Television shows are a very tricky situation for instance some seasons haven't even started in various regions or released on DVD therefore causing a major hindrance to the studios and advertisers involved.

Studios don't like online download.........why? Obviously because of piracy and copyright issues, they don't want things to be downloaded and downloaded without control. I can imagine it would have been extremely tough for Sony to get all the studios for NA to sign on for this, but they have.

Globally? That's extremely tricky. Studios are concerned with regulation and dissolution of product, studios usually work region to region, not globally. MTV for instance is EXTREMELY different from region to region, what can be viewed and who can view things in different regions differ greatly, for instance America's PG-13 is absent in Australia, how will Sony be able to guarantee regulation on that for each rating board and studio in EACH FRIKEN REGION.

And that's just a SMALLLLL selection of problems, I could write and WRITE and WRITEEE about the problems that arise from a global video service. It's not just about Sony........its about all involved, all the studios, each individual firm, royalty issues, copyright issues, copyright laws for each region, rating systems for each region, each country has different laws pertaining video sharing, file sharing etc. and the list is literally endless....

look for example at Xbox Live's video service its all over the place except for NA's.

think about it..........

can a brutha give a bubble for all this bloody writing i think i deserve it.

vasilisk3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Movies are universal, but don't forget, not all movies have a worldwide release date. For example look at Wall-E. It's released in the US but not in most European countries, some of them releasing it in September. This results in many cases, for movies to be out on dvd and blu-ray in the states but currently to be in the theaters in European countries.
So if Sony does not have a region locked video store only for US, this could kill boxoffice numbers for some movies currently playing in European theaters...
So yes as long as not all movies have a worldwide release date in theaters, dvd and blu-ray, then unfortunately it's the only thing that they can do for now

good post, bubbles

jlytle12343840d ago

stop whining about it and enjoy the play tv that will probably never come out in the united states.

whoelse3840d ago

That sux balls. We cant even try out the US one because its region locked.

FreestyleBarnacle3840d ago

Pricing is the issue here really, for a $5.99 film in the States the UK will pay £5.99 and a similar value Euros after conversion. This is about double the prick of the US at current exchange rates. Do you think the movie studios want to miss out on this price gouging?

Dir_en_grey3840d ago

We all understand that... But at least give us a backdoor or something.

Don't software lock it, just make it like how it is now, you can't pay for stuff with different region credit cards... For a few that's willing and able to get different country's PSN cards, let them.

If nobody tells the studios, they won't know ^_-

CrashSharc3840d ago

ummmm.... I call bs on that because How different exactly is the local content between US and canada!! for realz....

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predator3840d ago

you have to be kidding me?!?!? what is so f***ing different from US and UK localization? we watch the damn same movies

PirateThom3840d ago

It's nothing to do with localisation, it's to do with distribution rights, in the same way some films in the UK were on Blu-ray, but in the US were on HD-DVD and vice versa.

You'll find a lot of films have different distributors in the US and Europe.

TV shows are even worse.

Mr_Bun3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

No seems to know when or even if this service is coming to Canada and we are right next door! Most of our television shows are American anyways! I think the only show we really have is "Hockey"

pharmd3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

yeah, thats what i was wondering/thinking.... its sad that it is this way but what can we do? its not just about consoles at this point!

vasilisk3840d ago

see above posts from me and xhi4 to understand what's so different...

predator3840d ago

i know whats so different, if there was to be a video store what stops them from sorting all this stuff out before and not after the release of teh american one

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paul_war3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Not doing yourselfs any favours SCEE!

I bet we get it next E3.

thereapersson3840d ago

Is it localization in terms of subtitles, video outputs, etc? What's the deal here?

NowGen3840d ago

i want to live in america, everything good in america. hahahaha you know, back when video games where almost exclusively coming from the far east this used to happen to does it feel now world?

thereapersson3840d ago

however it is rather puzzling nonetheless

Lemons3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

... you're an idiot.

NowGen3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

truth hurts, usa got the shaft for years when japan got all the best stuff in gaming. you guys got fat while i was in jail. its my turn. a nickle bag gets sold in the park.....i want in!

Lemons3840d ago

.. try not to generalise. You'd probably find that people on the other side of the pond (us Euro's) would agree with you. Delayed territory releases annoy everyone.

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