ONM E3: The Verdict

So, Nintendo's big E3 conference took place last night and debate is raging fiercely on how it went, with some fans seeming a little underwhelmed by the announcements. Is that fair? It was certainly little more low key than previous years, but ONM think there's masses to be excited about.

Firstly, the positives. Satoru Iwata told us that the Mario and Zelda teams are working on new games. Then, after the conference, Shigeru Miyamoto told MTV that the plan is to release further games starring the plumber and Link for Wii. Brilliant! How can any Nintendo fan not be happy to hear that? Personally, ONM would love a new Mario handheld outing like New Super Mario Bros.

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titntin3748d ago

I think it's fair to say Nintendo will continue to make a lot of money.

But its also fair to say that a lot of old school gamers who were hoping to see some more software targeted at them are starting to realize the awful truth:- theres a lot more cash for Ninty to make by selling to 'casuals' than there is for serving games to a 'core audience'.

Its hard to deny this. When Reggie himself offers up Animal Crossing as the main title to please the 'core audience', you know your in trouble.

My own WII will continue to attract dust and go unused, but it will undoubtedly still be adopted and loved by a whole new demographic. Though thats a shame for me personally as I want to play core Nintendo titles, its not too much of an issue. I don't begrudge these people playing fun party games and having a system.

The only people who do wind me up are those that insist Nintendo is still serving the core and that I'm being a snob not to recognize it. Thats simply not the case, they are not making games titles for me and many other core users, and to pretend that they are is plainly delusional.