Final Fantasy Type-0 HD issues that must be fixed in Final Fantasy Type-1

A look at several issues in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD that Square Enix must fix in the potential sequel, Final Fantasy Type-1.

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KryptoniteTail1397d ago

The lack of multiplayer, for starters.

Gamer19821397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

on a final fantasy game?? Are you mad?

Eiyuuou1397d ago

If I'm not mistaken someone could play with you in FFIX if you had a second controller. Multiplayer wouldn't be bad, if executed properly.

Dir_en_grey1397d ago

@Gamer1982 this was originally a multiplayer game...

KryptoniteTail1396d ago

Uh, yeah. If it isn't a mainline FF it's fine to do anything. It wouldn't be the first with multiplayer, Curtain Call comes to mind. And Type-0 fr PSP, so, uh, maybe do some research before spouting off. It's horrible Type-0 had multiplayer removed and also hit PS4 but not Vita. I hate Square as they are now.

Trust me, I am much more old school and purist than to suggest anything to hurt FF. Square does that enough itself, look at XV.

To the disagrees in my original post: Type-0 had multiplayer so why wouldn't its sequel? Odds are most of you just did not know that and went full retard.

I swear, idiots...

NoctisPendragon1397d ago

But FF Type-1 is not the FF Type-0 sequel ....

_-EDMIX-_1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

The hell is this crap? "Despite being a HD remastered game, Final Fantasy Type-0 did not look too great on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It seems like Square Enix only decide to improved the textures of some characters and environments" ???

This game is a port in HD with better character models, never was it claimed to be a "remaster" and even the damn term "remaster" is referring to ports anyway, those games that even used those terms where in the same engines as the original titles.

They were not remade in different engines, in fact the only title this gen that even comes close to such a thing would be RE's Remaster as that game actually had new models and new 3D environments instead of pre-rendered. I've never heard Square or ANYONE ever state that his was REMADE in any respect, all I know is that it was a port of the PSP version in HD.

Thats all I even expected it to be, I got it day 1 and its a fine RPG.

and doesn't need MP, this is a damn Final Fantasy game for gods sake. I think the author is really, really over reaching to expect this game series to be something it really isn't and something Square never claimed it would be.

Let it be a JRPG and call it a day.

edit. Mind you, the difference was pretty big too.



So they did a good job with what they where handed.

Zeroxgi1397d ago

The Japanese release of type 0 had multiplayer.

Sarah_Ch1397d ago

I enjoyed ffx15 demo but couldn't handle type-0 graphics at all

Lukejrl1397d ago

From the title I could tell that this person has no clue why the game is called type-0. I have only installed the game and watched the opening cinematic and I know that a sequel for this game would not be called type-1. Sometimes people and the Internet really depress me.

NoctisPendragon1397d ago

Well said ! Thought the same , a sequel to FF TYpe-0 would be called FF Type-0 2 , FF Type-1 is like a new FF game .

The FF Type Saga may have some reccuring things (like some people looking the same) but they won't be in the same world etc ... like the main FF Saga .