Prices dropped for several PS4 and Xbox One remastered games in new sale

The prices have dropped for several PlayStation 4 and Xbox One remastered games, including Bladestorm Nightmare dropping to as low as $50.93, both Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat out of Hell and Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition being discounted to $29.99 and more.

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eldingo1402d ago

you should clarify where the sales are in the title i got my hopes up they were on psn only for it to be amazon be specific on where the sale is man.

Applejack1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

If it says where the sale is in the article, then why put it in the title?

Edit: I didn't realize skimming was a substitute for reading...

Summons751402d ago

Because it's still misleading for people who are skimming past titles...

barb_wire1402d ago

7% off Borderlands HC?.. not much of a deal, I got mine for $39.99 launch although I did have to trade in my 360 copy of TPS to get it at that price. I'm happy though.

DefenderOfDoom21402d ago

Well, i picked up "Killzone Shadowfall " for only 20 bucks new at Gamestop two weeks ago . It is selling for 40 dollars as the PS store online.

Skankinruby1402d ago

Ya that pisses me off. I wanted to go all digital this gen but sony wont cut their damn prices on the ps store.

Eidolon1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

I wish Sony was able to do that..

WhiteGamerInc1402d ago

They are, they just don't want to. They currently sell their games on psn for the most inflated MSRP they can. I have been waiting to get some games on ps4 but I am waiting for a site that sells digital keys to give a decent deal

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