War really has now become a videogame

Fancy yourself as a tasty videogamer? Then you might soon want to pursue a career in the army. Joypad dexterity, that most 21st-century of skills, is poised to assume a key role on the battlegrounds of Afghanistan and Iraq, now that defence contractor Raytheon has announced plans to use videogame technology in its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones.

Currently, the larger, armed British and American UAV drones buzzing around Afghanistan and Iraq are operated from a base in Arizona, using aircraft-style joysticks and visual data from on-board videocameras. Raytheon claims to have built a system based on the Xbox 360 processor which generates a videogame-like view using accurately mapped terrain, and will replace the joysticks, which become unwieldy over the course of eight-hour shifts, with lower-input controllers. Indeed, many of the smaller, unarmed, hand-launched UAVs already use controllers similar to those of the Xbox 360.

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ash_divine3750d ago

I guess that's what Snake really meant when he said that.

name3749d ago

"War as a video game, what better way to raise the ultimate soldier"- Solid Snake

thor3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Yeah this was the main theme of MGS2: Raiden had no field experience but had been trained on video games... he couldn't distinguish reality from fiction...

Colonel: Raiden, turn the game console off right now!
Raiden: What did you say?
Colonel: The mission is a failure! Cut the power right now!
Raiden: What’s wrong with you?
Colonel: Don’t worry, it’s a game! It’s a game just like usual.
Rose: You’ll ruin your eyes playing so close to the TV.
Raiden: What are you talking about!?

Colonel: Your role — that is, mission — is to infiltrate the structure and disarm the terrorists –
Raiden: My role? Why do you keep saying that.
Colonel: Why not? This is a type of role-playing game.

Hellsvacancy3749d ago

im surprised they even take off