Xbox One Isn't a Victim or Failure

The Xbox One may be in second place, but that doesn't mean it's a loser.

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Foehammer1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

It's as much a looser as Pepsi, lol

Another point often avoided here, no product that sells in 30% of another products markets should ever reach 1st place. If that happens than something has gone seriously wrong.

To say nothing of anti-American sentiment in the world, and the $100 higher price for 7 months.

Battlefieldlover1402d ago

The point has never been avoided Hammerhead, you have quite literally put it at the first comment of every article even remotely associated with the topic... lol.

breakpad1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

the article is written by XBox fanboy ..."while the Xbox 360 was the clear winner of the last generation"...... wtf are you talking about? PS3 sold a bit more worldwide ,sales are still soaring in some areas and a lot of X360 sales happened because a lot of people forced to buy a 2nd non-faulty RROd console

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Mr Pumblechook1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

@Foehammer. I'm sorry but you are so wrong in believing that the Xbox One has not achieved the same level of success as PlayStation 4 because of 'anti-American sentiment.' Blind patriotism is preventing you from being seeing the facts.

* When Xbox 360 launched and became market leader for a while there was no anti-US feeling inhibiting its sales.

* When Microsoft sell their OS Windows it is worldwide market leader because it is the best option for most consumers & businesses.

* When US company Apple sell their new products there is a frenzy to buy them worldwide and they are market leader.

The reality is that consumers as a mass-market buy whatever product interest them most. And for whatever reasons the product, Xbox One, Microsoft offered to the public simply did not sell as well. This might be for one of many reasons but it isn't because of 'anti-American sentiment.'

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1401d ago

@mikeslemonade, although I guess Pepsi may make more profit, Pepsi is not an investment in expanding the company's future the way XO is with Kinect (biometric, Cortana, etc.), improving biometric now being integrated into Windows 10 that will benefit potentially BILLIONS of people, (Universal) Windows Apps, Cross-Play\Buy, deep social media support, ProMotion of Skype\Bing, the most advanced and massively deployed fully virtualized OS device in the world, and the latest software tech that is superior to the daemonic OS and apps on PS4, even though PS4 has faster raw powerful memory and GPU silicon.

It is too bad that XO isn't performing quite as well as PS4... if it was, people wouldn't try defending the PS4's obviously inferior software and hardware (in every imaginable way) other than current performance... MOST everything is better on XO (the DS4 has a few advantages though I think it is worse overall). As for looks, XO is more functional (such as user replaceable PSU for lacking doorstop functionality that PS4 has included with its angled design) and at least XO doesn't require Medusa wiring dongles on faceplate because of the poor USB port placement required for "low life" batteries that Sony fans try to spin as if they're better than "long life" UPGRADEABLE AA battery support... THAT sort of BS is how victimization.

Fans desire to defend the PS4 is generally illogical BS... for example, instead of hyping how MLB makes PS4 better for baseball fans, they instead try to SPIN as if the release time of MLB shows they're more "consistent" at year-round releases that they then also claim about DELAYED HOLIDAY games such as The Order and inevitably Uncharted 4... as if DELAYED HOLIDAY games show that Sony is more "consistent" and #4theplayers!?! As if the timing of MLB has ANYTHING to do with Sony trying to please fans with more releases year-round rather than that's simply INEVITABLE TIMING!?! If XO is victimized, it is because of BS such as that.

The XO is also getting Microsoft front and center in homes for that they're ready for the future, and companies are already working on integrating home automation with Cortana. I expect that, by the end of next year, we'll be talking to what is becoming the most advanced widespread AI in the world, Cortana, on our Xbox Ones ("Cortana, set thermostat", etc.)... all while Sony is still trying to figure out how to display its exclusive games in ways that don't look dull and last-gen, such as Naughty Dog getting it BACKWARDS that last-gen was when they needed to rebuild their engine for movie quality, while that's what's needed this gen,

Practically everything people naysay about MS is as worthless and pathetic as they claim MS is... such as that they had a Sony logo in a video for a few views... as if that is more important than Sony putting all their money into always online 100% DRM gaming... or even that Sony lost their Bloodborne trademark for a short time, that they delay games more often, or that they lost their contest winners... as if that isn't more important yet MS gets more negative publicity over a logo that few people saw and that hurt no one other than MS!?!

@breakpad, Xbox 360 was better for gamers... many, if not most, people bought PS3s as secondary for Blu-Ray or as a Blu-Ray player first plus with the ability to DLNA and MAYBE game. Last-gen, 360 was the winner as far as a gaming device... PS3 wouldn't have even been close if not for Blu-Ray.

johndoe112111401d ago

He is also constantly using that "anti-american" nonsense. I have no idea what is wrong with that guy. He's starting to border on being racist.


I bought two 360's, my brother bought 3. People keep ignoring the fact that if it wasn't for the RROD the 360's numbers would be no where near the ps3 numbers.

Brotard1401d ago

I don't understand the point of this article, he literally just says a bunch of so called "facts" most of which aren't even true, wifi outsold 360 by over 20,000,000, PS3 outsold 360 by about a million, and is continuing to sell where the 360 has died down much more. Yes Sony hasn't been doing well, but it is now thanks in part to its video game section. Where as the Xbox division is likely in the red. This has nothing to do with what console is better, just don't say bs "facts".

Brotard1401d ago

@mikeslemonade, actually according to Dividend that's the exact opposite of what's real, how this helps anyone's argument is up to them, but Pepsi makes more revenue but less profit.

Foehammer1401d ago

@ Mr Pumblechook

Exactly where can I find this love for 360 outside the US and UK last gen?

Sony says they sell in 123 Countries, name the others where the 360 sold better?

I'll wait

How about Japan, 360 had a head start, what's

How about Europe, 360 had a head start, what's

So out of 122 Countries outside the US, only the UK sold more 360s, and yet you say there is no anti US sentiment, ROFL.

Give your head a shake

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Rearden1402d ago

That's a pretty good comparison. It's like Coke vs Pepsi: both a selling a ton of product, with one being slightly more popular than the other.

Neither the PS4 nor Xbox One are "losers", one has just sold a bit better than the other. Over the next five years, it'll even out.

Erik73571402d ago

Lol..."Slightly more popular".

Coke is a lot more popular than Pepsi and I can tell you ps4 is A LOT more popular than Xbox one.
If a console worth $400 with no bundle is outselling a $350 console with Halo Master Chief Collection then something is wrong.

Godmars2901402d ago

Thing is, as mikeslemonade pointed out, Pepsi as a product/brand is able to stand on its own. It doesn't need propping by a parent company.

And the people trying to insist that the system's failures are anti-American related, such is likely true because of the overall American-centric marketing and profit direction it has.

People are paying the same, relatively, for the same and getting different levels of quality and services from it. And that's before paying for XBL.

InTheLab1401d ago

Playstation= 360 million consoles sold
Xbox= 114 million consoles sold

They will never be even. People assume this because the ps3 eventually caught and surpassed the 360 but what you fail to realize is the simple truth that PS is the most popular console maker in the world and has dominated since 1995. Xbox does not have the fan base to catch up or even out. Of the 80m 360s sold, how many of those were dupes? I don't know anyone including myself that hasn't had to buy at least 2.

Again, they will never even out.

miyamoto1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

"Xbox One Isn't a Victim or Failure"
Then what is it?

For a company well known for their monopolistic agendas, to call their product which fails to monopolize or even hog majority of market share not a failure nor a victim, is the most ridiculous denying defensive mechanism damage control press release I have ever seen.

The the world's biggest richest software company not to meet this seemingly achievable goal is a huge shame. Its do or die. Win or lose.

To say M$ aimed for second or third place this generation or any generation is a huge disservice to your favourite company.
If its neck on neck I will definitely give Xbox One the benefit of the doubt but being outsold 2:1, decreasing revenue despite fire sales, no ROI for Kinect 2.0 and cable networks, losing all that American market share?

Come on! To tell us this is what M$ dreamed about when designing the XB1 years ago is ...

What is going on with you Xbox fans?
Its win or lose.

Moldiver1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

"The the world's biggest richest software company not to meet this seemingly achievable goal is a huge shame. Its do or die. Win or lose."

I agree with you. I would also say that regardless of the debate of who won last gen, MS was in a much stronger position with third parties in the west by the end of the 360s life cycle. They were primed to dominate the west. All they had to do really, was make the more powerful console, leave kinect out of the equation, and steer clear of the whole DRM fiasco and things would have looked VERY different right now, especially if they had spencer in charge in the first place.

"What is going on with you Xbox fans?
Its win or lose."

I have no problem with saying they are losing/have lost this round.but here is what one of the biggest companies in the world can do in the meantime (which they appear to be doing):

Ride out the storm.
Build up your inhouse teams
REMEMBER what cause you to lose your advantage in the marketplace.
Build the better hardware next time. Especially as you have far more resources than the other two combined.

MS have all this power and financial clout, but they let mattrick run amok with xbox. The situation is clearly fixable over the course of this generation and will make the next xbox a serious threat too the other two. But they have lost this round and MS will feel the burn for the rest of this cycle and it will push them to make sure they have the most powerful console next time round backed by their ( by that point) settled and experienced inhouse devs (black tusk, a refreshed rare, their other teams, established and newer)

SO why am I sticking it out with the losing console this gen? I only had it since Xmas and I had my PS4 since launch, because I knew it was gonna be the one simple sentence....I simply like the games on xbox more. No way am I getting rid of my Ps4 though.

rainslacker1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

Hmmm...I don't think that the Xbox brand has achieved what it set out to be, and that's make MS a part of "everyone's" living room.

MS is really only monopolistic in OS and office productivity software, and generally do not command a majority of market share for any other venture they undertake....quite the opposite actually. They have many fine products, but there are better, more used options out there for most other products or services they offer. Cloud is probably going to be their next big success. In the mean time, many of their other products do make a profit, but they aren't known for those products like they are with Windows or Office.

I know it hurts some Xbox fan boys, but MS was never in it to be 2nd or third place. They were in it for control, and more importantly keeping others from gaining that control. They were never in it to be the most awesome console maker out there with the best games available...that was just a means to achieve their actual goals.

So I guess, they are both a failure and success. They failed to be a part of everyone's living room, and they succeeded in preventing another company from playing that part.

I wouldn't call them a victim though. They never played the underdog, even after being hammered during the X1 release leadup, and no reasonable person should take them as one. They are often confident in their products during release and production run, and never act like the competition is playing unfairly towards them.

This current integration push on their part is going to fail on them because they're trying to integrate something that isn't central to everyone's living room. A home console is not vital to everyone, and MS has no other means to distribute their services without their console without the aid of a 3rd party vendor. They also currently do not even have the framework for such a distribution of services vendor for hardware manufacturers to start to implement. They have plenty of software answers to this problem, but they don't control enough of that to make a difference, and Google seems to be going much stronger on this front.

avengers19781401d ago

Yet in every market they share PS4 out sells XB1... Oh and XB1 is currently the only console in China.

You make it seem like being in more countries is the only reason the PS4 has sold double the amount of XB1. Even if XB1 was in all the same places as PS4 it would make little to no difference in terms of sales, just look at Japan as an example were XB1 struggles to sell 500 units a week.

Kiwi661401d ago

Thats odd as pretty sure the ps4 launched in china about the 20th of march

SniperControl1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

"To say nothing of anti-American sentiment in the world, and the $100 higher price for 7 months."

Ah, give it up Foe, what about the other hundreds of american companies that sell their products well around the world, i work for a well known car manufacturer based in the UK and we source literally thousands of parts from the US for our cars, no "anti-American" here.

As for the $100 higher price, the X1 is now cheaper than the PS4(here in the UK is is £50 cheaper) and the PS4 is still outselling the X1 despite it being more expensive(even in the countries where both platforms are for sale)

Bathyj1401d ago

Wow, you are still clinging to that 42 countries thing huh? Really? STILL? As if it was someone else's fault other than Microsoft's. You act like Sony has an unfair advantage somehow.

Never acknowledging that 90% of sales come from the countries it's already in? Sony is not in those countries because it boosts their sales by a significant amount. They're they're to reach as many gamers as possible in as many places as possible. PlayStation is a global console.

Face it, MS know it's not worth their effort to go to those countries because they won't sell anyway. They could be there if they wanted to. They have the resources. I keep hearing how rich they are. Fact is, It will probably COST them money just to have a presence there. The only reason they're in Japan is because if they abandon Japan, Japanese devs will abandon them and it would be a sign of major weakness.

It's funny but I thought of you when I read the title before I even read your comment.. I thought if if XBOnes not a victim, why does Foehammer keep playing the victim all the time?

rawrock1401d ago

I think Pepsi tastes better than Coke, and the fact that Coke sells more doesnt change that taste one bit. Same with my XB1. I like it better than the PS4-better exclusives, better controller, better achievement sytem to me-and the fact that PS4 is currently selling more doesnt change my enjoyment of my XB1 obe bit- so who cares!

Mr_Writer851401d ago

You PREFER all those things, that doesn't actually make them better.

More suited to you, more appealing.

But not better.

rainslacker1401d ago

Taste is purely subjective, and partially biological. In some ways it's also mental, as people are brought up to like certain tastes....hence, "an acquired taste".

I feel the things you speak of are purely subjective, sometimes objectively you can say it's true across the board though.

However, I don't feel you're wrong. You prefer those things for whatever reason, and that's perfectly fine, because ultimately, you are the one using it and spending money on it, so who cares what others think.

Letthewookiewin1401d ago

@Foe...... The X1 isn't selling as well as the PS4 because it isn't as good as the PS4. You should pick one up so you stop hating it so much.

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stuna11402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

I don't think anyone considers it a loser. It's just not the leader in the console market. Every generation there is a leader, and every generation there are followers. Dependant on who leads the generation, I think is a good determination as to what games we'll likely see during its course. But most importantly what fanbases will have access to those games.

A issue that I had last generation before the PS3 got higher up in sells is initially a lot of games skipped the PS3 entirely! The Witcher was one such game. Microsoft was also buying into alot of exclusive deals. I guess you can do that when you have that type of money! But I personally didn't believe it was always for the gamers best interest. Now look at this generation, it'll likely be a common practice for all parties involved.

OB1Biker1402d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

I don't get why people talk about being 'victim' Doesn't seem to make sense to me.
Consoles are what they are and sell on their merits not that 'sales' should be that important for gamers who should be happy to enjoy their passion on their favourite machines.

The main 'failure' you could point out is not to lead in the US market which is a surprise IMO

Fro_xoxo1402d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

I guess if you're not in the bandwagon. Whatever else is available is a loser or victim.

chrissx1401d ago

Xbone was a victim of M$ foot trigger happiness

EvilWay1401d ago

It's a victim of stupidity

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