Destiny - How to prepare for the House of Wolves DLC

Eight tips to prepare you for May 19.

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Iknoweverything1398d ago

Step 2: volkama's blow up doll bursts
Step 3: volkama is angry he has to get dressed to go out and get a puncture repair kit

JJShredder1398d ago

How to prepare for House of Wolves DLC:

1. Pre-order The Witcher 3
2. Pick up The Witcher 3 from retailer
3. Insert game into system (or download)
4. Ignore House of Wolves Completely and play a game that will respect your time.

For real though, why did they think May 19th was in any way shape or form a good time to release this DLC??.....SMH

die_fiend1398d ago

I agree with this!

The best way to prepare yourself for Bobby Kottick shafting you is to uninstall the game and use the disc as a coaster.

kayoss1398d ago

I cant use it as coaster. My game is digital. This is why i was against going all digital. Physical discs always useful for something else.

phoenixwake1398d ago

As an (un)fortunate purchaser of the Limited Edition of Destiny, and a pre-orderer of Witcher 3, I can see your point. That said, the overlap of FPS-aholics and hardcore RPG players isn't as great as you would think. There's totally a market for both of these to be released on the same day.

Mad Max and MGS V releasing on the same day in my opinion is a much bigger problem both being open world 3rd person action games set in the desert with shooting and melee mechanics.

kbozz711398d ago

Really? Another how to prepare article?? Just wait on it to drop and then play. Shouldn't need an article to tell anyone that. jeez