Sanctuary Update for Warframe Goes Out Today to PS4 Players

The new update for Warframe gets you a new character, new weapons, and a new mission. This enough for you to dive back in?

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_-EDMIX-_1397d ago

Wow, I forgot about this game. I might check it out, it was pretty fun when PS4 launched, I guess I might play for a few hours later this week.

(probably shouldn't need to finish Witcher 1, Bravely Default and Type 0...dat RPG grind)

GHOSTxx4201397d ago

Same here might try to play it again.

raWfodog1396d ago

Yeah I haven't played this game in a while either. I logged back in recently to see if there were any new updates and was surprised to see that my kubrow died. I didn't know that they needed regular attention :)