Two videos for Soul Calibur IV

French website Playlipse writes:

"Risking an overdose or a media indigestion, Ubisoft reveals nevertheless two new videos of Soul Calibur IV. Two battles is offered: on a side Raphael versus Hilde and on the other side Xianghua versus Siegfried."

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Masta_Killa3835d ago

WTF does Ubisoft have to do with SC IV?

ash_divine3835d ago

was thinking the same thing at first, but I think Ubisoft's publishing it in Europe or something like that.

Sangria3835d ago

Indeed, Ubisoft publishes Soul Calibur IV in Europe, like most of the RPGs in Europe.

Sk8boyP3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Man have you seen the PS3's boxart!? It's sooo badass! And we get Darth Vader, it's a shame that the Failbox gets Yoda and a gay coverart, wait no it's not, it's a shame that this game is even coming to that failsauce console. PS3's superior D-Pad pwns the fail60's flat analog stick "aka" FaileD-Pad.

DFresh3835d ago

I know it's so f***ing bad ass.
I can't wait till July 29th to buy this beautiful Game on PS3.
So close and yet so far away.