How Gordon Ramsay is helping to kill videogaming

The announcement of Hell's Kitchen: The Game continues the gaming industry's downward charge into easy to make, easy to sell casual games. This is not the way forward.

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Capt CHAOS3747d ago

This is one step away from discussions about Big Brother and it's impact on gaming..

ice_prophecy3747d ago

hooray for the Big B finally getting AXED in Australia!

LastDance3747d ago

I know BB is over!!!!!!!!! thank god...I dont like thinking that we live in a world with people who like that junk...

PoSTedUP3747d ago

but good luck in trying to do so.

LastDance3747d ago

im all for hating on art that isnt if people buy the sh!t what can you do???

Shankle3747d ago

Nowhere near as bad as Smarties Meltdown or Crazy Frog Racer.

TheROsingleB3747d ago

On the flip side, it's probably not going to be nearly as good as the 7-Up Spot game

TheColbertinator3747d ago

Ramsey makes TV interesting but kills gaming.Sad times

Montrealien3747d ago

Our beloved industry was able to survive games like...

Yo noid!

If Games like Hells kitchen would be killing video games, Video games would be dead a long time ago. Articles like these are useless, people think they know sh*t, but real they know squat.

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The story is too old to be commented.