Mega Man 9 Official Box Art

Sporting phrases like "ultrasound graphics synthesis" and "8-bit fidelity engine" you can tell straightaway that this creation has its tongue firmly in its cheek! Compared to the original Mega Man and Mega Man 2 box art by Capcom USA at least this is an evolution in art style.

This artwork has got it all, a badly airbrushed Mega Man, a cyborg Dr. Wily and even the classic early NES grid background.

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PS360WII3772d ago

Nice that looks vintage right there heh though still better then the frist Mega Man box cover

Tsalagi3772d ago

Why do they draw him with a pistol when his whole freakin arm is a cannon?

Bnet3433772d ago

I really hate Capcom for this ....

--Onilink--3771d ago

oh c'mon its really cool, lol

in case you dont know this is clearly to mock the horrible box arts of some of the NES games

good move capcom

solidsnakus3772d ago

this is coming to live and psn right?

PS360WII3772d ago

Every other week that answer changes but in the end most likely yes

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The story is too old to be commented.