Sony Santa Monica Strengthening Animation Team to “Set the Bar for Creativity and Complexity” on PS4

Sony Santa Monica has been hard at work on a secret project for a while, even if thanks to Cory Barlog, it isn’t so much of a secret anymore.

The prominent PlayStation developer is now looking to strengthen its animation department.

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littlezizu1396d ago

Can't wait to see next SSM GAme, hopefully it's a new ip.

guyman1396d ago

It's already confirmed to be GOW 4

The_Sage1396d ago

Where did you see that? I love God of War, and have the entire series, but I'm not sure where they can go from here. Ascension was the first game where I had a feeling they they should let this series go out on top. I don't want it to be milked to the point where it becomes a joke.

AudioEppa1396d ago

This is what I love to hear, the way there internal studios always try to raise the technical bar for games and how it impacts some other developers who don't let restrictions from other platforms hold em back from pushing the best they can bring to playstation.

Also I really hope sony picks up ready at dawn and quantum dreams, I wanna see, watch & play! within the most beautiful game worlds ever seen.

Gaming at it's beyond best.

Only on PlayStation.

1396d ago
Jalva1396d ago

Talks about setting the bar for creativity and complexity, next game is yet again another God of War.

*Kratos angrily pulls off retirement slippers*

Tontus1395d ago

Oh yeah let's just abandon Sony's 2nd biggest franchise and many millions of fans just to make a new IP just for Javla!

Only new IPs exhibit any creativity after-all and who needs money if Javla's on-board?

Jalva1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

So what you're saying is if they made a new IP you wouldn't buy it?

God of War is a hack and slash franchise, there's not really much room for creativity, it will always remain a button masher with clunky platforming, Ascension proved that.