Farcry 2 Video - E3 played on 360. Also coming for PS3 and PC

The nice developers of Ubisoft Montréal took some time for us with a developer walkthrough of Far Cry 2 and here is the first part of it, played on Xbox 360. The mission is quite similar to the Ubidays demo, but it has a much better AI and a finally stable framerate. More importantly, the player is far more gifted than last time, and it changes a lot. Following parts will come soon.

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Varsarus3771d ago

Still not better than what we saw from the PS3 version...

AngryHippo3771d ago

....'Still not better than what we saw from the PS3 version', why do people keep f-ing comparing. Get a life. PS3 is not the end all of all consoles. I have heard completely the opposite thing from PS3 magazines.

FPS nut3771d ago

Link it so I can see it.

TheXgamerLive3771d ago

Maybe there is in your world of make believe.

So in other words, just enjoy the demo, m'kay?

FPS nut3771d ago

This game is just Soldier of Fortune with better graphics, no thanks, you guys let me down.

Statix3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Did Soldier of Fortune, or any other FPS in history, have a 50 km, open-ended, explorable African world, dynamic fire propagation, wind, and vegetation systems, custom player weapon loadouts, and sophisticated AI that reacts differently to stealth, assault, sniper, (and incendiary) tactics? I don't think so.

Also, Jack Carver or not, this game will have a MUCH more sophisticated, deep story than any other previous Far Cry game. Same story writer as Bioshock and Gears of War.

Dark Kitsune3771d ago

You're are just stupid. Soldier Of Fortune was a misfortune. This game is pure gold!

Arsenic133771d ago

Im still buying despite no Jack Carver. A little realism never killed anybody. This game still looks fantastic. The map editor is going to be insane. My only sadness is that there will be no Predator mode only :(

Finch3771d ago

Have they gave a release date yet?

Statix3771d ago

Fall of this year. No exact date given yet, even though some websites list a temporary release date of October 1st.

smokeymicpot3771d ago

This game look like it will be good. I might buy it im not sure if i will yet. Hopefully the ps3 version is the same or better then the 360's

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The story is too old to be commented.