Game Marketing Awards Winners Announced: Here's Who Did the Best Job at Selling You Games

Today the Game Marketing Awards have been held at the Game Marketing Summit in San Francisco, and here's the list of winners.

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DarkOcelet1400d ago

- Marketing Team of the Year


Offcourse they did. I have never seen a company lie that much and deceive people like them. If only they work as hard on delivering an awesome game like they do in their trailers, they would have been the best.

Gatsu1399d ago

I couldn't have said it better.

r3f1cul1399d ago

disasters- unity, the crew, watch dogs... all pretty bad IMO... child of light was fantastic and far cry 4 was ok-ish not as good as 2 or 3 but still solid enough... valiant hearts was a pretty neat game but that stupid mini game achievement at the end for not missing a note was enough to almost ruin an other wise great game with that horrid mechanic alone... they had something to do with the stick of truth too i think? but i havent played it personally but hear good things ... still those first 3 were pretty giant let downs and unity alone for me was one of the most pathetic releases ive ever seen

wonderfulmonkeyman1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

It really goes to show just how bad things have gotten, when marketing teams are praised for getting games to sell when they don't live up to their own marketing.
All it took was making most of them look pretty or realistic enough, and the sheep lined up for miles...
Meanwhile, games from devs that focused more on the gameplay than on their marketing budget and graphics, get passed up.
Either because they didn't look as pretty, or because of console loyalties in narrow minded gamers preventing them from going where the great games are no matter the system.

I'm quickly losing faith in our own community.

Metallox1399d ago

What does that have to do with Ubisoft's market division, anyway? Yes, their games maybe aren't as great as publicity say, but, what? Does the marketing teams needs to promote the game as a mediocre one?

Praise where it belongs, please. After all, the people that handled Watch Dogs publicity didn't make the game, at least the great majority.

wonderfulmonkeyman1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Okay, while that's a fair point, it's also likely true that the marketing teams knew the final products wouldn't look like their commercials.
They had to have known a fairly extensive amount about the product as it was being developed, otherwise they'd have had nothing to use for marketing material, so it stands to reason that they'd have had a good idea of how it was gonna turn out in the end.
The marketing teams would have had less to be embarrassed over, now that we're wise to them, if they had used appropriate representation of their products.
Yeah, their current efforts did the job of selling the product, but it also hurt their parent company's long-term reputation in the process.
The argument could be made that their short term success did more harm than good to consumer trust, and thus they weren't really doing their jobs very well despite sales.

Or, at the very least, that they were making their own job of selling future products through their promotions harder, by making the current promotions outperform their own products to such a degree.

Metallox1399d ago

"But it also hurt their parent company's long-term reputation in the process."

About that, I wouldn't be so sure. Watch Dogs was still a success despite the criticism. And I still think they did a good job promoting it, because, if the sequel is good, word in mouth it's just going to grow tremendously.

Popular belief says that Watch Dogs is a mediocre title for most people, but nope, many people that don't visit gaming websites think the game is "cool", guess why. Because of marketing.

Those gamers that felt "lied" aren't so many against the 10 million people that purchased Watch Dogs.

Gatsu1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Marketing Team of the Year - Ubisoft
Outstanding Promotional Trailer - Ubisoft/Unity


Worst and buggiest game release of the year