Oculus Rift Unlikely to Ship to Consumers in 2015

Hardcore Gamer: The long-in-the-works VR project Oculus Rift has been making waves in the gaming sphere for years now, but its consumer release could be pushed outside of 2015.

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ValKilmer1396d ago

This is really bad for Oculus. There are literally hundreds of other VR headsets in development and they are making huge strides on an almost weekly basis. If another big name VR debuts before Oculus ships, it could be the end.

Neonridr1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I would say the only other headset that has as much hype and strength behind it is Project Morpheus. And since that is PS4 restricted, it's hard to say that it's a direct competitor. If anything, Oculus would want it to succeed to help VR as a whole thrive.

I would rather them focus on making the Oculus Rift as close to a perfect experience as they can while doing their best to keep costs at a minimum. If that means delaying it to early 2016, then so be it.

Bodge1396d ago

If there's a VR headset that will flop, it'll be Sony's.

SteamPowered1396d ago

The HTC Vive is already being touted as the Oculus-killer. It is due to ship in November and has Massive support from Steam. Dev kits just went online today. If anyone has a real shot at making VR viable, it's Valve.

Pandamobile1396d ago

The Vive and Rift probably account for most of the VR hype right now.

Morhpeus is a barely even on the radar at this point.

xer01396d ago

I'll say it again... Oculus won't launch before Morpheus. They don't have the audacity.

Right now, they are waiting to see what Sony will do next, as they have done in the past year.

I'll bet anyone £100, that Oculus will not launch before Sonys' VR.

Neonridr1396d ago

I've never even heard of the Vive to be honest. I will have to check it out. That being said, I don't scour the internet for VR news, but if this thing is as big as you guys are touting it I am surprised I haven't seen it up front and in my face more like news on Oculus and Morpheus.

Pandamobile1396d ago

You should leave your echo chambers once in a while. In VR hobby and enthusiast boards, the Vive is currently top dog.

Neonridr1396d ago

@Panda - thanks for the tip... tip.... tip...

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kickerz1396d ago

All those billions of dollars and still taking so long :( what are they doing? Having boat parties instead... Living it up... I will be an old man before I get to try VR :(

Neonridr1396d ago

facebook only bought them last year... they didn't *always* have billions of dollars backing them.

kickerz1396d ago

Good point Neon.still I've been pumped for Oculus for years now. If they leave it too long I may just get Valves VR instead.

SteamPowered1395d ago

You should maybe start looking into a Vive sooner than later. With Oculus dragging their feet, devs arent going to wait on their products to go to market, they will start supplying the Steam Store.
Valve performed a masterstroke by revealing the Vive release date, and beating the Oculus to market.

Clover9041396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

If you're right, Oculus is in bad shape, because Valve's Vive VR headset is set to be released this year. People who have tried it have said that as of now it is the most impressive VR headset (which is why it's not shocking that Oculus is still in R&D mode). So with Vive already being impressive and being backed by the super popular PC gaming platform Steam, Oculus no doubt has a serious PC VR competitor. The only thing that'll hold Vive back will be the price, with Valve themselves saying that Vive is a "premium" VR device.

@Bodge I think if VR proves to be a hit with gamers, Morpheus will be a success. Reports from the last VR showing have said that Morpheus is the most comfortable headset out of the main three. Also, I can definitely see the masses going to Morpheus over Oculus Rift/Vive, because a lot of people already have a ps4. You don't have to worry about graphics cards, ram, latest cpu, etc. Just plug-and-play. Convenience is a huge selling point.

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Scatpants1396d ago

Good, gives me time to buy a new video card, a force feedback steering wheel, a Hotas stick and a volair sim seat.

killagram1396d ago

It's hilarious how some people are so f'ing negative. I'm sure there's good reason for the delay and it won't mean "Game Over" for them by delaying till next year. Maybe the fabrication of cheaper/better components won't be available to Q4 and will mean a more competent overall product. I'm also guessing Morpheus' 120fps display had Oculus reconsidering their present day specs.

WeAreLegion1396d ago

Looks like 2016 will be the big VR year. I can't wait!

Obz1396d ago

Every year you idiots say this stuff.

WeAreLegion1396d ago

By that, I mean Oculus and Morpheus will come out in 2016.

You need to chill, dude.

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