Metal Gear Online Gets Info on Gameplay, Characters, Inspiration and More; News Coming in May

During a Twitter Q&A the development team of Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer spin-off that will ship with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, answered a few questions from the fans.

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PhoenixUp1398d ago

Metal Gear Online stole so many hours of my life

ShellB1398d ago

Seriously. Team Sneak all the way.

PhoenixUp1398d ago

Once you TSNE you never sleep

C L O U D1398d ago

Can't decide between a PS4 ver or PC...Only felt like this since I got GTA on PC and seen the vast improvement over my PS4 and PS3 versions

Only thing bringing me to the PS4 is the nostalgia and knowing no players will play with a mouse & keyboard...can't imagine playing competitivly with that option seems taboo

Articuno761398d ago

Honestly, the difference in visuals and such isn't that dramatic (based on Ground Zeroes). The load times however, are much shorter on the PC (even on a HDD).

Not sure if that's much help, but there you go.

ShellB1398d ago

Go where your friends are going to be. Pretty simple.