What Game Designers Love (And Don’t Love) About Souls Games

Put ten game designers in a room together and there’s a pretty good chance someone will bring up Dark Souls.

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AudioEppa1403d ago

Good thing i know some of the developers i love Will never make anything like dark souls and stay that way :)

I remember some people wanted R* to move away from TPS and they were like NOPE! or how people keep saying ND Should make a rpg, like really?

Amazing developers know what's best for business, that's why they have the job they have and not others, thank goodness lol

Nineball21121402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

I remember reading about the Souls games years ago, when people were talking about this unusual Japanese game.

It wasn't available in either Europe or the States (if I remember correctly) and if possible, people should import it.

I have to say that the Souls games are definitely near the top of my all time favorite games.

This is a very interesting read too, if you like the Souls games and Bloodborne. It's cool to hear what other developers think about the series.