Branding Through Advertising, How Nintendo Got It Right

How games would penetrate non-gaming markets was an issue that was never entirely discussed in the wider gaming community, not least until it happened. When the Wii and DS exploded on the scene generational and social borders instantly seemed irrelevant.

Near two years on, and Nintendo still feels like the obvious choice for this breed of social and casual gaming. Though Nintendo does have a greater offering of non-game software and social games it also has a greater and more unified prevalence in the mainstream media.

What separates Nintendo's advertising and promotion from that of the other consoles is that it is distinctly Nintendo's. While the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 do advertise from time to time, their promotions tend to be highly selective and rarely as pervasive. Not only that, but Nintendo has made a habit of integrating all of its software and hardware promotion, and it is there that it's secret lies.

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they should condider better games.