Sucker Punch Has “Big Ambitions” For New PS4 Exclusive, Aims for “Jaw-Dropping Character Visuals”

inFAMOUS: Second Son was probably the first game that made people really appreciate graphics of the current generation of consoles, but Sucker Punch, that is currently known to be working on a new PS4 exclusive, wants to push the envelope even further

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Abriael1400d ago

I'd be ok with either to be honest. Tho, from what we've heard so far, I'm inclined to think it's just a new infamous.

BitbyDeath1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

As long as inFamous isn't just more of the same then i'm good for a new one. They need to start going into a lot more detail though like GTA games IMO.

Abriael1400d ago

@BitbyDeath: ultimately it's a very different game from GTA, the detail is in the superpowers and abilities.

Ultimately, how many good superhero games are there, besides infamous?

lelo2play1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

"Ultimately, how many good superhero games are there, besides infamous?"

Batman... and the LEGO superhero franchise :-)

Abriael1400d ago

@lelo2play: that's one. I'd say there's plenty space for more.

(besides, Batman is a VERY different kind of superhero).

pivotplease1400d ago

Very different though in that bat man is like a stealth/brawler and infamous focuses on explosive superpowers. I always considered bat man more of a hero than a "super" hero because he's far more grounded.

BitbyDeath1400d ago

I just mean in terms of detail.
You don't need to drive cars or anything but adding a bit more life to the civilians or adding in some wildlife or even let you get more destructive with your powers by blowing up buildings/fauna when you become god-like.

There is a lot more they can delve into that won't take away from the game.

Stsonic1400d ago

Still to this day Killzone Shadow fall is the game that made me appreciate the graphical power the ps4 has. The strange thing about killzone is some levels look far greater than others, its like playing two different games in the campaign.

Infamous has excellent character models but overall not as good as killzone.

bouzebbal1400d ago

inFamous has a lot of potential, i don't mind another episode.

mikeslemonade1399d ago

Infamous Second Son already had jaw dropping visuals when it came out.

The stupid gamer community gave it the wrong score, an 80 meta. It's another example in the list of wrong meta scores.

UltraNova1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


I'm inclined to agree with you but I would be wrong too, even though I too, thought KZSF was looking better when I first played IFSS. Why? Because one is a tight FPS and the other an open world game.

With that said, for Infamous to even get close to KZSF's visuals is undeniable proof that Sucker Punch have what it takes steal the show from Guerrilla! If Guerrilla doesn't kill it with Horizon that is....

SmielmaN1399d ago

I would be perfectly fine with another infamous. All those games are awesome IMO.

subtenko1399d ago

Welcome back Sucker Punch.

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lelo2play1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Maybe Sucker Punch should worry about making a better game (with better gameplay and better story), instead of worrying about great graphics. Their last game Infamous Second Son, wasn't that great.

As for their new game, hope it's a new IP. Let Infamous rest for awhile.

"But it's one of the most fun games in years."
Infamous Second Son is repetitive as hell with a lame story. If you find that fun, then good for you.

WeAreLegion1400d ago

But it's one of the most fun games in years.

itisallaboutps1400d ago

I agree with you. I got it off redbox for a week. Payed 7 bucks finished it and didn't regret it.the game looked great, but not enough customization or story

jznrpg1400d ago

For a first year game it was pretty good , could have been more but I enjoyed it.

-Foxtrot1400d ago

I have to agree in a small way

inFAMOUS Second Son is a good game but compared to the past games it's inferior EXCEPT for visuals/graphics. The other games just have that certain spark Second Son didn't have, not top mention it felt a little rushed.

They are an open world studio, graphics isn't something they should have to focus on the most. I felt that was Second Sons problem.

Crimzon1400d ago

Yeah, honestly I'd rather hear about jaw-dropping gameplay than jaw-dropping visuals. Graphics alone just don't cut it.

Dangiroud1400d ago

Go play with your lego games

remixx1161400d ago

Well its not like they aren't great devs, all the sly cooper games and the first 2 infamous games are indicators I guess. Second son I felt was a "we did the best we could with the time we had" kinda thing.

Give them time and we wilk be surprised.

Testfire1400d ago

I haven't played second son, but I hope one day devs will start saying that they're working on ground breaking gameplay rather than visuals. I've had enough of the focus on graphics.

Flipgeneral1400d ago


Besides the visuals, the game felt rushed. Void of any variety, character and substance. What a forgettable experience that was!

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ThanatosDMC1400d ago

I hope the gameplay is better than Infamous Second Son.

pivotplease1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay and the neon powers in particular felt really well balanced and were amazingly fun (this is why I loved first light). What needs work is the content and the variety of content. It felt like there should be more side stuff, more character customization, and less repetition of the same tasks. It would also be cool if they focused on the exploration aspect more by giving you entry to areas if you use the right super power kind of like Zelda.

ThanatosDMC1399d ago

Yeah, im comparing Infamous SS to Infamous 2. Infamous 2 was way more fun and gave you lots of powers. Comet powers was my favorite.

Against Infamous 2, Infamous SS's gameplay was extremely limited.

tradeitems1400d ago

I'm hoping it plays good. Doesn't care much about the graphics. Weren't PS4 players got disappointed with various games such as The Order 1885 lately?

Gaming journalists should stop hyping about graphics and focus more on how a fun a game plays.

Dangiroud1400d ago

Order 1886 was a good game, when u compare it with broken games like assassin creed or cod who no matter how many bugs or how little gameplay changes they make year in year out,they still get get 8 or 9 out of 10

pivotplease1399d ago

Man AC is so boring. Bought and played one of the games. It was the most repetitive and mundane experience ever. The combat is just terrible and is so easy and dependent on counters that you never feel a sense of tension. The entire game is just an automated formula.

News4Noobs-1400d ago

Nowadays all we hear is "jaw-dropping visuals" but what about jaw dropping gameplay/story -_-
that's the main focus of developers now and that's why we get so many dissapointments.

_-EDMIX-_1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

.....why can't we have both?

Soooo because they didn't tell you about the gameplay, it must be a movie with nothing to do?

Have you considered they are merely just telling you about 1 aspect?

and I don't know what you mean by "focus" the folks making the game look good are not the same ones actually making the gameplay....

No matter how real the game looks, the programmers, directors etc still are in charge of the game play lol.

The game isn't being made by 1 person that can't do 2 things at once you know. A team makes games, not just 1 or 2 dudes (not that can't happen, just that its not typical in terms of game design)

Lamboomington1400d ago

For a moment I thought this was the same RPG that Guerilla games was working on, then I realized it was sucker punch. I guess it could be another Infamous.

If that's the case I just want them to bring back electricity somehow.

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Relientk771400d ago

Nothing against InFamous, but I hope its something new.

Dangiroud1400d ago

They already stated they working on a new franchise

Harkins17211400d ago

Dont forget exciting gameplay!

sigfredod1400d ago

nope it was the second for me, first was shadow fall

Travis37081400d ago

I freaking love Infamous! but i hope it's something new.

jhoward5851400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

It's very likely that what ever Sucker punch are working on is a new IP.

Personally, I think what ever they're working on is going to have a very dramatic story line.

There were parts in Infamous that had very strong cinematic scenes/moments which stood out more than other parts in the infamous game. Augustine character roles were the most memorable parts in infamous to me.

Well, I'm guessing that SP will take all the good & exciting parts of infamous second son and implement them in their new game.

Another thing, I think current gen games cost too much money to make. The development cost to make a game nowadays isn't enough so some devs have to find other ways to make their money back.

That said, I believe SP next game is going to have DLC in them just like every other game that has recently been released so far.