J-Stars Victory VS+ is a right royal anime rumble - and a crossover for the ages | Dealspwn preview

Dealspwn: "J-Stars Victory VS+ is one hell of a crossover. Starring a huge cast of Shonen Jump manga and anime royalty, it's custom-designed to answer some age old fan questions in utterly insane two-on-two bouts. Who would win in a fight: Monkey D. Luffy or Naruto? The cast of Bleach or the Saiyan of Dragon Ball? What would happen if Toriko and Assassination Classroom fought to the bitter end?

The answer depends entirely on your skills as you smash foes through buildings and brawl across expansive 3D stages with the same superhuman abilities we love from their respective series, putting the Kamehameha up against the Hokuto Hundred Crack Fist."

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bggriffiths1395d ago

The last screenshot in this piece has too much awesome in it for the human brain to handle. I don't understand this, but I want it.

Blues Cowboy1395d ago

Yeah, it looks ridiculous. And brilliant. Ridiculously brilliant or brilliantly ridiculous.

Either's fine.

Rockets121395d ago

This game just looks too awesome. I really hope it gets a retail release for the Vita. I don't have space in my memory card anymore after the recent sales