Extended Killzone 2 Gameplay Vid

Here's a much longer killzone 2 gameplay video from the E3 Show floor, please bare in mind the video is a tad darker than the one posted earlier at

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PoSTedUP3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

ahh... ps3... my favorite...

truth for gamers3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Just being honest here:

If the ps3 is soooo powerful like they say why can't it make this game display realistic colors. Everything is gray.

Now if it could render a game this realistic but with the colors of resistance 2 then it would be something. I guess we'll have to wait for the next generation for that to happen.

AlxRymnd9143744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

truth for gamers -

Can you think about that? DO u actually think that would look good? The setting is in a war torn atmosphere on a toxic alien planet? Do you really think it should look like vahalla from halo? Just think about that and you have your answer.

Also, the first Killzone has a wide variety of environments ranging from a beach to jungles to snow. I expect similar from Killzone 2. All we have seen from this game has been from one area.....relax.

A game doesn't need to be overly saturated to look good.

truth for gamers3744d ago

@ 1.2

I didn't say it should look like halo I said it should have the colors of resistance 2.

Rhythmattic3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Surley Making the Walls and Floors different colours (say Blue or Red) would not make the game look any less detailed or run slower , Would it ?

Surely this is a "Art Style" Choice.

Truly an honest Question .

donator3744d ago

We have the technology to make Saving Private Ryan colorful, but what the hell?

truth for gamers3744d ago

@ 1.4

i'd be willing to bet that to reach that level of detail they had to sacrifice color saturation.

but I would also like to add: like i have said before, the death animations need a little work.

1stKnighT3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

The only color I saw were the exploding red barrels. Seriously, enough with the exploding barrels. All joking aside, this game still looks like it needs a lot of work. Turrets have zero animation. The AI needs work. They need to add more life to the game. Looks kinda boring.

Rhythmattic3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

It seems you have ZERO tolerence for anything that dosent have a three Six in front.

BTW , What do you expect, a Turret to get up and walk ?

As for AI comment , this video is about ONLINE MULTIPLAYER mate !

In case you didnt know, thats people VS people.

And campaign mode...

Its as good as anything out there.

TheExecutive3744d ago

truth for gamers, how much POWER do you think it takes to add a ton of colors into a game? Thats right, not a lot. You should really be asking yourself why, in the 3rd year of the 360's lifecycle is the best looking game still gears1? Why, well into the 360's lifecycle, doesnt MS have a game engine running on its 360 thats nearly as technically impressive as GG's engine?

Why didnt we see games that are as technically impressive this spring from the 360?

Its because the 360 simply cant handle this much going on at one time. It cant do it. Do you know how I know? BECAUSE IT HASNT BEEN DONE YET. Where are these technically impressive titles for the 360?

Gears2 undoubtably looks great. One would be a fool to say otherwise, but in an ever increasing market for graphical prowess Gears2 still doesnt have destructible environments, it still is a really confined shooter, mostly limited to a few baddies on screen at once, the lighting is very stagnant and the environments are really really stagnant.

This games engine is the most technically impressive engine ever created for a console, its up and running in the 2nd year of the PS3's lifecycle.

TheExecutive3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Looks pretty da*n good doesnt it 1stKnight? Quit trolling because anyone with a pair of eyes that isnt retarded knows how impressive this game is.

They have 7 months to shore up any and all AI problems.

truth for gamers3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

@ the executive

the bottom line is that kilzone 2 looks gray (gears of war is very colorful)

why do people think that it doesn't take alot of processing power to render colored textures, the truth is that it does make a difference.

to render cartoony graphics that are colorful takes more processing power than to render black and white cartoony graphics.

Rhythmattic3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Gears has an ART Style , and so does K2.

Sure the colour Palate isnt as rich as Ratchet and clank , Uncharted or Halo3.

But to say gears is more colourful is a opinionated conclusion.

I find gears just as moody , atmospheric as K2.

Just hope we ALL get to enjoy both very soon.

One thing I want to know, with lighting and textures, would a game run better in black and white or Blue and red ?

Again, Art Style choice.

PoSTedUP3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

why yall replying in my box? GTFO my box man! lol but seriously can you guys get out? like... NOW. PLEASE?!?!.................... ........... j/k

oh and the bottom line actually is that killzone2 looks to be the most impressive game graphically.

they are fighting on like the moon, is their any color on the moon? or is it gray? exactly!(their not on the moon but they ARE on a foreign gray planet)

have you ever seen the movie cassablanca? no color but still an epic movie. PEACE.

Bolts3744d ago

Maybe because they're turrets? I dunno about you but turrets usually turn, shoot, and shake. I suppose some "nextgen" turret animations is being finalized as we speak. I'm sure you'll find something else to nitpick then too.

Jink3744d ago

truth for gamers: You have no Idea what your talking about you should at least read some information before posting fanboysm ignorance (no offense), but if you ever get to study game development you'll see colored or grayed is all in the matter of choice by the developers them selves and not for render aid.

All KillZones have looked like that because of they're atmosphere feel of old World Wars.

And btw, I'm no fanboy because I haven't played any KillZone, I just hate when someone repeats what has been feed to them without knowledge from the facts, And IMO as game designer I think RE5 is pulling off more real-time render tricks visually, but that's just my opinion. (I'm no fan of RE neither)

anyway, go study.

titntin3744d ago


"why do people think that it doesn't take alot of processing power to render colored textures, the truth is that it does make a difference.

to render cartoony graphics that are colorful takes more processing power than to render black and white cartoony graphics."

Seriously dude, thats one of the lamest things I've ever read on here and represents a level of technical misunderstanding thats almost staggering. With that one phrase alone you have demonstrated you know absolutely nothing about game engines.

Both Gears and Killzone are rendered to produce 24 bit output. All textures are stored as 8bit per channel RGB images (ignoring the extra channels(. You could change all the textures in KZ2 to bright primary colours and it would not affect the the data rate or speed of calculation one bit. Similarly, you could remove all colour from Gears and it wouldn't make a difference to its speed either. Both engines use exactly the same colour space.

If someone was mad enough to write a monochrome engine that was optimized for 8 bit monochrome graphics, you could indeed calculate faster. To my knowledge, thats never been done, and it certainly isn't the case with any modern console game.

truth for gamers3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

@ titntin

I'll just make the point that i should have made in the first place but did'nt because did not want to be reported.

Gears of war 2 blows killzone 2 away, yes gears is somewhat gray but killzone is tooo gray. Do you remember the first ever demo of killzone 2 that came out, back before the ps3 had come out? Do you remember how detailed and colorful it was? My questions is: what happened?

here is one

so... what happened?

bottom line, when the sales numbers come up ,gears will beat killzone by a big magin.

Algullaf3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

killzone 2 is 4 a ps3 and we r the one who will judge the game bcz we'r gonna play it not u, btw the color is depend on the game its not uncharted if u want colors wait 4 uncharted 2 or u have flowers on the psn, everybody amaze of this i mean look at everything all this details all this running at stable smooth f.rate this the cell power of ps3.

About gears lool go to nvidia test ur pc, my 2.2 core 2 nvidia 8400 gave me more than the recomended lool if u dont trust me go check it by ur self and be laugh at the spec of ur 360.

rockleex3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

"titntin" already made the statement I wanted to make... but MUCH better than mine.

Anyways, I'm still laughing at people who thinks Killzone 2 wouldn't be possible on the PS3 if it had more color. XD

Luca Blight3744d ago

I agree with you as much as my limited technical knowledge will allow me to. That being said, maybe GG should add a nice, bright blue-sky level into the game just to shut the critics up. That'd solve everything, right?

uie4rhig3744d ago

i think what truth for gamers wants is a game like the Teletubies and Viva Pinata


rockleex3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Yes, I'm pretty sure they'd HAVE to... otherwise they'll get ducked review points.

But Killzone 1 had multiple different environments, and I'm sure Killzone 2 will follow the same path. Hell, they might even come up with literally out of this world ideas for jungles, forests, beaches, etc since this IS a different planet.

Or they might just make it kind of similar to Earth but more polluted. Either way, they'll definitely have some colorful stage in there some where... whether it be natural environments or technological environments.

By the way, Luca Blight is awesome... and so is Suikoden 2. I can only hope that Konami would finally make a sequel that lives up to Suikoden 2.

HighDefinition3744d ago

Personally I don`t care. But, We haven`t seen ALL the levels.

You NEVER know.

Also, give bubbles to TinTin.

rockleex3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Killzone 2 is just as detailed as the target trailer. The only difference is the color.

Why? Because this first stage is taking place in a part of the planet that is full of dark clouds where the sun can't shine through. Just wait till you get to a different stage where the sun actually shines through.

If you didn't know, Killzone 2 uses differed rendering which allows them to use multiple(even over a hundred) different light sources each dynamically effecting multiple(over thousands) of objects without slowing down the game. Which is why they can do all those explosions, debris, and lighting effects without slowing down one bit.

I'm pretty sure they'd love to take advantage of this in other stages where we'll see hundreds of light sources moving around to create beautiful lively sceneries and showcase their colors. This engine is also very ideal for jungles and forests.

If you haven't noticed in games like COD4, explosions, gunfire, etc don't have their own light source to affect the surroundings. And yet, it still has slowdowns whenever there's too much going on.

In Killzone 2, explosions, gunfire, and even their eyepieces glow and affect the near surroundings(near because it obviously won't light up a whole room) with real light sources with NO SLOW DOWNS.

LiquifiedArt3744d ago

Color has nothing to do with hardware. It is a matter of the Designer's Direction. Its an Artistic choice and thats all. (TRUTH)

I can Quote GG for saying they were trying to create "A Theatre of War" atmosphere. I think thy have done that quite well. But they have also said there are various different environments. So we shall see. Either way it look truely amazing, i'm glad to see such a high-end shooter that really gets into what the PS3 can achieve.

Luca Blight3744d ago

bubbles to you for getting the Suikoden reference! Personally, I thought Suikoden 5 was a good sequel. My favorites are obviously 1 and 2 and I thought 5 was a nice harkening back to those days).

JewyMcJew3744d ago

Gray takes just as much processing power as pink or yellow.

It's simply a design choice to go with low saturated monotone.

Personally, I love it! But I guess I am in the minority.

PoSTedUP3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

this game kicks ASS! point blank, i dont care if it was in pen and ink, just f*cking look @ it! KILLZONE2 BABY!!! YOU ALREADY KNOW!

and by the way, can yall get the f*ck out my box? you dont belong here!!! PEACE and god bless. : )

CrazzyMan3744d ago


mistertwoturbo3744d ago

At around the 6 minute mark. The building explosion made my jaw drop.

Secondly, this argument about colors is stupid. First, if you watch the trailer on your HDTV. It has plenty of colors. It doesn't need to be all super mario halo ratchet colorful. It's supposed to be a "theatre of war." Where everything is grim, lifeless, sad, crazy, and brutal.

Also the argument about graphics in Gears 1 being the best graphics for the 360 til today is true. Until Gears of War 2 that is. And we'll see how good FFXIII runs on the 360's hardware.

It's not really that the 360 isn't capable, it's just that developers aren't truly trying to push it as they could. Why? Because it's still just normal traditional moore's law pc architecture. The developers have such an easy time developing on the 360, they don't challenge themself to try to do anything extraordinary.

While the PS3's cell is currently a paradox, developers are intrigued by what it can really do. Killzone 2 proves this.

kingOVsticks3744d ago

r u guys serious? I can't even call you gamers a gamer would give props to a game be it on his/her console or not.Instead you guys feel that you need to Sh!t on every one parade by nitpicking at the most insignificant things like colors?Where not going to see vibrant colors on a toxic war inhabited planet.At of all the things you can say positron about the game you guys rather say the few i.y.o negatives about the game.Which is really sad...put your fanboyism aside and give some props to the guys at GG for making proving all the haters wrong through hard work and sleepless nights.You guys are sorry you know that?

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mesh13744d ago

im not impressed by this game graphics look good but the gameplay is soooo clunky and avrage i think this game will get 8/10 all thorw the game just plays very avrage cod4 single player looked way more fun than this i hate how the gun firing animation is in this game it like the devs are not very comfortable in making fps games it just looks boring

beavis4play3744d ago

and is marcus fenix growing a hump on his back? really, go back to the 360 threads.

Ju3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

I agree, it probably will get a 8/10 because it will be judged by delusional 360 fanboys. WTF. But then there's hope. MGS4 got 10/10 from most of the respected sources...

and BTW: really, go back and whine over GoW2 if you want to talk "clunky". Just saw that presentation...

xg-ei8ht3744d ago


It's looking too good.

Sony sucks balls3744d ago

Maybe they will release it with news about ps 4 ? Didn't they have footage of this game at E3 05 ? Peace Fanny bandits.

RonDeMuerte3744d ago

hahahahaha all of your 360s just got reduced to being the new Wii 1.5!!!!

VeryangryBot3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

This game already has a release date which is Feb 2009. So why are still insisting that this game is nothing but wait for fans? If thats not called IN DENIAL, than what is?

The good thing about PS3 is that it has a ton of games to play unlike the 360.

Where is Alan Wait? Where is Halo Wait wars? Oh right. And what will you be playing in the meantime? Gears of War 2, a frikkin November release?

Lmao. Stupid bots. KZ2 just owned it. Didnt you idiots said that the game would FAIL gameplay wise? Now what! CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE? OWNED.

Youre crying with envy right now, thats what.