8 Games That Use Parkour to Reach New Heights

To celebrate Earth Day, we invite gamers to set aside their virtual cars and take up some free-running. Here are 8 games that make the most of Parkour.

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Psychotica1397d ago

I don't why but I really enjoy Parkour, jumping across obstacles where if I miss it means certain death, climbing as high as I can go etc etc.

Perjoss1397d ago

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time still has some of the best parkour in gaming.

Horny1397d ago

No mention of Infamous?
Better game than most of those

shayol33t1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

In all fairness, Infamous' parkour was basic at best. You ran to a building and jumped up the walls.

EDIT: Yet they put Shadow of Mordor on there for some reason...

Valenka1397d ago

Shadow of Mordor and Titanfall shouldn't be on the list, in my opinion, because Titanfall just uses a couple of parkour-inspired movements and Shadow of Mordor's "parkour" is rather limited.