Destiny’s House of Wolves Expansion Gets New Screenshots Showing Exotic Gear and Action

Derstiny's House of Wolves expansion got quite a few official screenshots showing gear and more.

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spicelicka1396d ago

That helmet look amazing! But i'm not willing to pay for this right now, will wait for it to go cheaper.

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theFAYEsorceress1396d ago

i'm really excited for this dlc now. i like how everyone can look different but still be relevant at the max level now. i wish they'd add vanity slots and let you recreate your character, but this is a nice start.

GameSpawn1395d ago

Don't forget the ability to "reroll" perks on the new weapons with reforging. I don't think they confirmed this for armor and as such I think it is limited to only the new HoW weapons (Legendary - all Exotics have locked perks).

The ram's skull helmet does look freaking sweet. The other two armor pieces they showed are meh though.

My end goal is to have all unique gear sets (specifically the Raids and DLC quest related gear if it is Legendary - I'm not as motivated for Iron Banner gear).

OUROSMAG1396d ago

Glad I bought the Pass, looking forward to getting back into destiny...