Hiphopgamer Sets The Record Straight With Aaron Greenberg

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Hiphopgamer ran into Aaron Greenberg at the Sony press conference and called him out on his claims against Sony. Aaron took up the challenge like a true pro and didn't back down."

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HeavyweightInTheGame3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

It looked like Greenberg got a little upset when he responded to HipHopGamer's BluRay response. He must be sick of hearing about the format.

gaffyh3773d ago

I really hate Aaron Greenburg, he's just a douchebag.

Genesis53773d ago

He doesn't sound very convincing. I don't think he even believes himself.

NO_PUDding3773d ago

I want Aaron Greenberg's PSN....

He said they ahve the most exclusives which made me laugh. Thats a lie, especially with Bioshock coming to PS3 (woohoo - sarcasm).

Microsoft seems to be focusing on making everything go multiplatform which is pretty useless.

calis3773d ago

Geez he does look like a douche.

I like the beginning 'There is no data to confirm number of consoles sold' and then '....according to NPD data 360 has 5 million bla bla...'

Yeah good work fool.

egm_hiphopgamer3772d ago

This is for Gaffyh Look man i understand you have your own opinions but you shouldn't talk about people if you don't know them because aaron greenberg is one of the coolest guys i've met out here forget that microsoft vs sony crap right now this guy is amazing, down to earth, easy going and he showed me nothing but love and you see that he admits he has all the systems and he's real true gamer how can you not respect that so in my opinion the guy is great and i know him personally so before you talk about people you should check yourself first man because if the roles were reversed how would feel being called a deutche bag for no reason 1luv and god bless stay tuned to the rest of the show i got so much more content it's ridiculous peace

InMyOpinion3772d ago

And the award for longest sentence without punctuation goes to...*drumroll* hiphopgamer!

I always thought journalists were good at writing. Guess I was wrong lol!

TheXgamerLive3772d ago

He's not one, he's a joke, a fake, whatever you want to insert.

Sorry I know it's not the open zone but I can't stand to see this wannabe trying to act like a journalist, when instead he's a proven whinning sony wannabe fanboy.

And you fangirls who try to kiss up to this loser are just as bad.

OK, go ahead and report me girls.

End of story.

PoSTedUP3772d ago

look at Xgamer, what loser.... he only wishes he could be at E3 HA! youll never make it kid... not when your doing nothing with your life.. peace!

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PoSTedUP3773d ago

good interview yo. you really doin it! how does it feel? let me know dog. 1luv and god bless.

Max Power3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

what if you gave 2luv or if the need arose, higher luv?

@hiphop, way to throw numbers back at him. you just made him look like a fool.

egm_hiphopgamer3772d ago

I wanna thanks to everybody and all the fans of the and the hiphopgamershow and trust me when you see the rest of the show you gonna that we are here we mean business we love the games and the real gamers and bottom line we have the best show at E3 so you gotta check it out 1luv and god bless take care everyone and thank you for your contnued support don't forget to add me to your playstation 3 and i'm making a brand new profile on the 360 soon so you can add me there too so one love and god bless peaceeeeeeeeee

mikeslemonade3773d ago

Amazing, only one more more thing to do is get Olivia Munn on the HipHopGamer Show.

zenosaga043773d ago

That was crazy!!! Glad to see that you stood your ground and asked him difficult questions instead of taking an easier route.

Watched your show for the first time last weekend and I was very impressed, I have alot of respect for what you do. Keep up the good work.