Destiny Reef Reveal: Bungie Fixes the Game And Calls It An Expansion

This afternoon Bungie streamed some live game footage from the upcoming House of Wolves expansion revealing Reef the new social space and several improvements to the RPG mechanics. Sadly they did not reveal very much about the House of Wolves content and the main take away was what they plan to fix.

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slinky1234561400d ago

This was the first real thing they revealed about the DLC. They revealed nothing about missions, quests, or any sort of events that will be going on. All they showed was the new Hub space and details about the fixes. Biggest face palm for this person saying this is the expansion. You have to be kidding me for you to say that this was the expansion. They have dates for what they're revealing. Just wait before you make such an ignorant article as such.

And the Raid thing, they already said it will not come at launch, it will come later, but will still be part of the HoW content just at a later date.
There is even 2 streamers(one being Gothalion) who are betting $1000 to a charity that a raid will come out for HoW at some point, because they made it that obvious if people would just read.

Cid331400d ago

not to mention everything they showed in the stream is for free, you dont need an expansion for it, how can you ccomplain about that

Stapleface1399d ago

So your just repeating why people are mad. No raid with the HOW dlc. Coming later makes it a separate thing. They will release HOW, and then later go OK now we are releasing the rest rest of HOW? And that's ok? I'm not going to defend that for this game just because I like it. I'd call foul on any game doing that. It's bs. But I agree about this article being crap. They have only showed the free stuff like you said, which are some nice changes to Destiny.

Neonridr1399d ago

I would love to see a statement proving that the raid will be included as HoW content and not part of a future expansion that requires purchasing.

All I heard was that they are indeed working on a new raid, and that it will release later this year. And this was from the Bungie site directly.

n4rc1399d ago

did everyone miss the end of the stream?

he said something about a raid activity that they just arent calling a raid.. will be revealed soon

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Owvi1400d ago

Alright, who gave this guy a keyboard?

FarEastOrient1400d ago

They're going for clicks and while trying to flame more speculation on stuff the writer invented.

skillednutter1400d ago

This first stream was all the free stuff and fixes. No paid DLC stuff was shown as thats coming at a later date. Destiny YouTubers are all going to bungie tomorrow to see the paid for content and we get to see some of it next Wednesday.

Terrible article.

TekKing1399d ago

N4G Article: Moron goes on a rant and calls it news.

Tetsujin1399d ago

That gave me a laugh, I needed it this morning. :D

brokenbracket1399d ago

I think a lot of people are too focused on the fact that they're fixing things that should've been better thought out before the original launch, rather than focusing on the fact that there's a ton of new content. Vendors, bounties, weapons, armor, banners, shaders, ships, new missions and game play modes. And the fixes they're making, I'd like to consider them adjustments based on community feedback, which is good for Bungie. They're listening, and trying to make the game better for everyone without taking the fun out of the game. The new materials exchange is genius. I love the upgrade system now as well with being able to bring old items up to the highest level. It adds variety so everything isn't the same. Not sure how anyone can complain.

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