Halo 5 Campaign & MP Designed Around Spartan Abilities; Has New Unlock & Progression System

343's Halo 5 ; Guardians will feature a new Unlock & Progression System according to studio head Josh Holmes. Holmes also states that both the campaign and multiplayer mode have been designed around the Spartan Abilities.

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StrayaKNT1403d ago

That's what I like to hear :)

Stiffler1403d ago

Most of us who played the MP Beta know what there is to be hyped about. I've been craving it since it ended!!

Sounds promising.

StrayaKNT1403d ago

That beta was amazing I loved it more than any Halo I can't wait.

ninsigma1402d ago

That bete was awesome. I'm not much of an online player but I really enjoyed it. I'm hoping they'll wow me just as much with SP :D

Halo2ODST21393d ago

Jetpacks? Please!! Thruster pack is pathetic...

Volkama1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Progression tree? Sounds a bit "me too" for a game that should be pioneering. I don't really want to be digging into menus in the middle of an epic Halo campaign.

It's only an off-the-cuff tweet so I won't dwell on it, but I'm certainly not cheering any and all news just cos it's Halo. It has to be Halo by content and quality, not just by name!

spicelicka1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Where does it say progression tree?

edit: nevermind i see it

Carlito1402d ago

Need to see gameplay NOW...right NOW.

EvilWay1402d ago

Progression system? I hope not in multiplayer because that would be absolutely retarded, I don't really know what you would unlock.........

Volkama1402d ago

I hope it doesn't apply to the campaign. Imagine hopping into a scorpian tank, Halo's trademark music reaching a climatic crescendo as you round a corner to find a scarab decemating a fleet of pelicans and the MasterChief.... pauses and decides whether to invest his latest skill point in improving his dash ability or getting slightly stronger shields.

Yetter1402d ago

little worried about a progression system in Halo MP. I like going into a match knowing the only difference between my Spartan and the enemy Spartans are the skills of the people behind the controller

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