Destiny: House of Wolves will finally let you exchange materials

Destiny's upcoming expansion, House of Wolves, will at long last allow Guardians to exchange materials, improving the game's economy in a way that players have asked for since launch.

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masterfox1396d ago

lol is true, this totally sounds like fixes than a expansion.

Naga1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

It's their strategy of continuously changing the landscape in an effort to prevent the game from going stale. They figure that if they keep shifting the goal posts, the players will keep having to find new ways to score....

The problem with that approach is that not everyone thought they were signing up to play Calvinball.

slinky1234561396d ago

It really is great news to have this. I hope they never add a trading system. It would just create a broken economy to the gear and weapons and just cause countless amounts of begging.

This DLC seems to actually look worth having, rather than the Dark Below it seems to have a lot of content and a much better approach to a good expansion for the community it has had since its release.

FamilyGuy1396d ago

Trading is only 50 glimmer here yet the Eris version is 500, wtf?

kayoss1396d ago

Need those radiant shards!!!!