My LittleBig Game

EDGE Blog post from Mark Healey, LBP developer:

We are now getting close to finishing LittleBigPlanet – it's due for release in October so that doesn't leave us much time. At the moment we're basically making proper seat of the pants last minute changes and panicking about everything. There's a lot of pressure to live up to but the game's looking really good and it's shaping into something that I know we're going to be proud of here at Media Molecule, which is great because when we first pitched it we weren't even quite sure of what we were going to create...

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Antan3771d ago

"when we first pitched it we weren't even quite sure of what we were going to create..."

Must of been one hell of a pitch!

One if not THE most interesting game seen in an awful long time.

Fishy Fingers3771d ago

Mark Healey and Alex Evans discussing the original pitch to Sony (Phil H) here >

deeznuts3771d ago

Maybe they had Jerry and George in there ... after all they pitched NBC a show about nothing!

pow3r of t3h c3ll3771d ago

innovation, innovation, innovation not copying the wii.

Pain3771d ago

U have to draw them a picture

Thoas3771d ago

The funny thing is Reggie from Nintendo said out of all the games this gen so far from other consoles he wishes was on the wii he said LBP.

Nitrowolf23771d ago

who wouldnt wish they had LBP on there system?
only for the pS3 and it will stay like that

Thoas3771d ago

No other console can handle LBP graphics and on top of that Xbox 360 doesn't allow mods on anything and the Wii's online is horrible plus alot of soccer moms own the wii.

Nitrowolf23771d ago

your right about the mod for 360
but isnt UT3 for 360 supported mods?
Wii online is horrrible

Thoas3771d ago

Nope Xbox 360 doesn't support mods on any game and they said they never will. M$ is like Kim Jong-il to there gamers.

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kingme713771d ago

Good thing about this game is they can easily add DLC/patches over time to give you more features. It's not a linear type of game you play through and are done. By giving you new features over time they can breathe new life into it.

nbsmatambo3771d ago

fun game..a must have tittle

eagle213771d ago

October FTW! Sony said they were getting behind this title with full steam at E3. This will sell well in the market this Fall.

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The story is too old to be commented.