E3: Far Cry 2 gameplay

Gamersyde writes:

"The nice developers of Ubisoft Montréal took some time for us with a developer walkthrough of Far Cry 2 and here is the first part of it, played on Xbox 360. The mission is quite similar to the Ubidays demo, but it has a much better AI and a finally stable framerate. More importantly, the player is far more gifted than last time, and it changes a lot. Following parts will come soon."

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Nykamari3798d ago

I saw it last night running on the X360 I must say PRETTY D'MNED GOOD! Just a BEAUTIFUL GAME. Believe me it's going to be a HUGE FLAME WAR about this! X360 fans you don't have anything to worry about, you guy still have BEAUTIFUL MULTIPLATS!!!