IGN: E3 '08: SPRay Tested

Tecmo unveiled a unique puzzle/action game at E3 this year called SPRay. It gets its title from its primary game mechanic of spraying different fluids all over the game world. These fluids include water, anti-matter, and, uh, vomit. Yep, vomit. You play as a member of royalty whose crown contains two spirits: one dark, one light. The dark spirit is the one who can't keep his lunch down.

You and your spirits will spray stuff on things in order to solve puzzles. Water will obviously extinguish fire. Vomit? Oh, it can reveal invisible paths. If you happen upon a gorge, just throw up into it and see if there's a hidden walkway. The elements you spray are persistent, so if you barfed all over a wall your bile will still be there when you pass by again.

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