First The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival PS4 Screenshots Show Metallia in Action

The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation had the scoop on the recently announced The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival for PS4. The game is going to launch in Japan on September 25th with improved graphics, gameplay, and new game modes.

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wodan1395d ago

Missed this game on the PS3, so this is gonna be day1 for me.

MetalProxy1395d ago

The game is really fun and funny. Don't miss it!

G3n3raL861395d ago

It looks like the Ys series, gonna keep an eye for it:)

oasdada1395d ago

wow first star ocean, then fairy fencer now this.. will they save anything for e3?

SoapShoes1395d ago

Yes, Level 5s next project! :)

oasdada1395d ago

nino kuni 2!! even nino kuni remaster will do! XD

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