Omega Quintet - PS4 Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

The Sony consoles have long been a solid destination point for JRPGs. While the genre gets represented on the Microsoft and Nintendo systems as well as PCs, many of the more niche titles just seem more at home on Sony. As such, I have been personally waiting for some solid JRPGs to find their way to the PlayStation 4, and am happy to say that Omega Quintet not only fills that need, but does so very, very well.

If you are looking for more serious fare, something like Final Fantasy Type-0 HD would probably better suit your interests. If you want a high level of combat strategy, then an SRPG like Natural Doctrine might be more your style. However, if lots of humor, several different systems at play at once, turn-based combat and plenty of idol satire are more to your liking? Then Omega Quintet is right up your alley.

The focus on idol culture is definitely strange here, and I am sure that the bright visuals and short skirted characters will come across as either too cutesy for some gamers or too exploitative for others. There are certainly cases to be made on both fronts, but being dismissive of Omega Quintet due to those reasons would be a shame, because you would miss out on a well-designed JRPG that provides plenty of good mechanics with an interesting look at idol culture at the same time.

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