Fallout 4: Top Locations Fans Want To See From Previous Games

Some of these locations seem to have been named just so fans could see what could have been and what happened before.

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OmegaShen1396d ago

The part of Kansas where you can see for miles and you might see a tree.

Pretty much what New Vegas was, I hope its something with alot of things (meaning buildings, trees and water).

WeAreLegion1396d ago

I'd love to see some of the vaults we hear stories about.

fashionst1396d ago

New Jerusalem and New Canaan, please.

TheColbertinator1395d ago

Would be awesome if the Mormons were a faction

wakeNbake1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

San Francisco or Miami would be a better location for the game than the rumored Boston settting.

NukaCola1396d ago

If Boston is the main locale, I really would love to take the Hudson down to a fallen New York maybe in some DLC or something.

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