Microsoft E3 predictions: Xbox One, Halo, Tomb Raider and Crackdown

Microsoft's Xbox One may be lagging behind Sony's PS4 in terms of sales, but it's still doing pretty well on its own. Following the console's disastrous reveal and subsequent departure of Don Mattrick the Xbox division has changed a great deal, putting Phil Spencer in charge and making games the focus.

At last year's E3 gamers saw the benefits of this change in ideology and a company firmly back on the right path. This year it can continue to build on a first party line-up that for IBTimes UK's money was better than Sony's in 2014 and which presently looks better in 2015 as well.

What though, will Microsoft show off?

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Genuine-User1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

My predictions:

-Tomb Raider gameplay reveal
-Halo 5 campaign footage
-In-engine Gears of war Xbox One footage
-Scalebound gameplay reveal
-Crackdown gameplay reveal
-Banjo Kazooie Xbox One reveal trailer
-Forza Motorsports 6 footage
-New Quantum Break footage

TomShoe1395d ago

I'm expecting either a $299 price drop or a slim revision as well.

ThinkThink1395d ago

as much as I would love for all consoles to drop to $299 or even $199. They are both selling so well now I don't see that happening. We'll get the holiday discounts and an extra game around the holiday's but I don't expect an official price drop from anyone this year.

lifeisgamesok1395d ago

I agree with this just add the Battletoads reveal and another Gears game collection or remaster

Septic1395d ago

A Banjo Kazooie X1 trailer would be epic.

XelaKNight1395d ago

I would agree with you, but how Nuts and Bolts came out... Though it should be different since When BK NnB came out it was a weird time.

maybelovehate1395d ago

Seems like a very good prediction.

Genuine-User1395d ago

You could say I'm playing it safe. I'm sure they'll be a surprise reveal or two.

Monkeycan81395d ago

Sounds good too me. what about sunset 2?

Genuine-User1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

If there's a sequel, it won't be announced this early. Maybe early 2016.

AlphaBlackWolf961395d ago

I honesty can't wait for that Forza 6 footage with their new ForzaTech engine. They've shown absolutely nothing whatsoever of the game. Not even a screenshot. Between that and Sony potentially revealing Gran Turismo 7 (fingers crossed) I'm pumped as a racing fan.

spicelicka1395d ago

Yea pretty much agree, although it's possible we might not see Gear in-engine, kinda like halo 5 didn't show in-engine last year E3. But I REALLY hope there's a Gears 4 beta this year, then we might get to see the actual game!

Genuine-User1395d ago

We might get a trailer with in-engine assets.

TheCommentator1395d ago

They did just hire the guy who did the cinematics for the Gears games and every trailer has been in engine for the series. What do you want to bet, because of how good it's going to look, that an in engine trailer would get labelled CGI by certain groups on this site though?

@genuine user
I would add unknown new IP to that list as well.

akaFullMetal1395d ago

In a way it is the same line up as last years E3, just with actual gameplay hopefully.

Toiletsteak1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Can't wait.

Toiletsteak1395d ago

I bet when they show Gears off they will say after "we are happy to announce that the Gears collection will be hitting Xbox One later this year"

d_g1395d ago

and the New ip (phil spencer says)

it will be great E3 for Microsoft

Geoff9001395d ago

World Of Tanks, available on the day.
Gears of War collection
DX12 Xbox One footage
The Division gameplay
New Rare IP
Halo Reach to be apart of the MCC.

1395d ago
Solid_Penguin-641394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Those predictions seem to be genuine, Genuine-User ;)

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Lev19031395d ago

I really still hope for a gears of war collection this year.

Travis37081395d ago

I don't have an xbox, but I would like to see
- Tomb Raider gameplay with release date
- Left for dead 3 gameplay
- Gears of war remaster with release date
- QB gameplay
- Halo gameplay with release date
- Scalebound gameplay

bcrazy181395d ago

Halo already has a release date lol

iSuperSaiyanGod1395d ago

Left 4 Dead 3 & the stage will explode

Enyxodin1395d ago

what they will likely show:
- Halo 5 singleplayer gameplay trailer/demo
- forza motorsport 6 trailer and presentation
- Rise of the tomb raider trailer
- Games with gold july
- Indie montage INSIDE/BELOW/that rabbit game?
- COD: Black ops 3 singleplayer gameplay stage demo
- assassins creed victory gameplay demo
- RARE game
- Scalebound trailer
- Fable: Legends trailer with release date october

More unlike but possible:
- Crackdown gameplay demo
- Gears of war CGI trailer
- Quantum break demo (given that it has been delayed I think they are waiting to show it later, maybe gamescom)
- New xbox one slim version

spicelicka1395d ago

Gears of war CGI trailer definitely showing, Black tusk already announced they'll be at E3. Unless they're showing off a Gears remaster.

Enyxodin1395d ago

Thats good! Havent heard about that :)

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